E3ODUS [E3 2018 Preview]: Days Gone.

E3ODUS [E3 2018 Preview]: Days Gone.

“Cardinal” Gary Brooks @ facebook.com/gary.brooks

DAYS GONE (SIE Bend Studio – PS4 – 2019) – Oh, nothing like previewing a game for this year’s E3 knowing that we might be having the same talk at next year’s event too. Sony Bend, who brought us the beloved Syphon Filter series way back on PlayStations 1 and 2, and two Uncharted games on the PlayStation Vita, finally get back into making console titles.. and their new third person open world action game has been pushed back. Originally slated for this year, Days Gone was delayed for unknown reasons other than maybe living up to the name, but let’s assume it needed more TLC.

Since we don’t know much about the story yet, here’s what we do know: Taking place in the PNW (That’s the Pacific Northwest, folks), you play as Deacon, a biker/bounty hunter who must survive by any mean necessary. You’ll ride motorcycles, use melee, manage stealth and all manner of firearms to fight off literal hordes of Freakers — yes, another cute name for feral humans to avoid the whole being called “zombies” thing. Cool thing is, they only come out at dusk and want your protagonist since he’s not infected. Think World War Z meets I Am Legend.

Thus far, first impressions are high on this post-Apocalyptic open world shooter. The gameplay and environments look great, so let’s hope that– despite not being one of the titles mentioned as focus for Sony’s forthcoming E3 2018 presser — we at least get more details, more story and a release date. If they can make a us care about a guy with a name like Deacon St. John and breath some new life into the Zombie genre, Sony could have yet another epic-looking possible franchise in the making. Eat your heart out, Xboxer. (I say this with Cardinal peace and love because I too own an Xbox One… but, you know!)

-Gary Brooks