SDCC 2017 [Panel Co-Review]: Marvel vs. Capcom – Infinite!

SDCC 2017 [Panel Co-Review]: Marvel vs. Capcom – Infinite!

“Dynast” Dana Keels
IG/Twitter @hatandwand

MARVEL VS CAPCOM: INFINITE (Friday – 6BCF) – My main takeaway from this panel was that Marvel and Capcom are pushing hard to meld these two universes in a way they haven’t before. Fans of the series can expect an amalgam of their favorite superheroes and supervillains. During the panel, which was heavy on conversation and lighter on footage — because it’s only Comic-Con, so why would they show anything? — the developers dug into how they’re attempting to meld the two separate worlds together.

One such fusion? Ultron Sigma, a combo of Ultron and Sigma Prime, who are both set on purifying humanity in the image of machine. Other mash-ups include: Xgard, a mix of Asgard and Abel City; Knowmoon, a mix of Knowhere and The Third Moon; Valkanda, a mix of Wakanda and Monster Hunter‘s Val Haber); A.I.M.brella, a mix of A.I.M. and Umbrella.

It appears this new game is lending itself closer to the Marvel system of storytelling, too. In MvCI, Ultron Sigma has acquired the Infinity Stones and is hellbent on ruling the universe. Sounds like a low-key (besides the title) attempt to a tie-in with the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War flick. You can expect all of your favorite (depending on who your favorites are) MvC mainstays to reappear. The engine still looks closer to Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 than anything, so if you were a fan of that engine there’s no doubt you’ll feel right at home with Infinite. Besides a few looks at some cinematic scenes from the game, the panel was pretty light on gameplay. 2.5/5 Bibles.

Since 1995 on the heels of Marvel Superheroes, fight-game-geeks have been given quality fight titles from the Marvel vs. Capcom crossover series. Of course, the resurgence of the Infinity Stones to the gaming world could not have been more perfectly timed with Infinity Wars, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 all booming in cinemas. To further the Dynast’s #villaingoals of Ultron Sigma, the game’s planned comic book story arc will follow along with variant covers! While cool, maybe the only real bombshell in this panel was the addressed controversy surrounding Chun-Li and her fucked up facial design that angered social media second to only Trump.

And who new will play a role? Gamora (G.O.T.G), Spencer (Bionic Commando), Nemesis (Resident Evil), and Spidey, of course. If you read Moody’s coverage of the Marvel Games panel from a few days back, much of this info may not be new to you; and that’s a shame. Why have an entire panel dedicated to this game if you are going to reveal everything the day before, or not release anything new in addition? Besides a 20-page prequel comic (available at GameStop) and the worlds Dana explained up above, the panel didn’t drop knowledge on any possible Collector or Limited Editions of the game. I, for one, would love a Hori arcade fight stick… Wouldn’t you? 3/5 Infinity Gems.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite comes to PS4 and Xbox One on September 19, 2017.