The ORVILLE [Mini-Review]: Not so ‘Lost in Space’.

The ORVILLE [Mini-Review]: Not so ‘Lost in Space’.

“Saint” Timothy Markham

For those who are familiar with Seth MacFarlane‘s work, you’re probably expecting The Orville to be an hilarious space comedy revolving around quirky characters. Instead, expect an hour long sitcom based in space with a few funny moments thrown in…

And I loved it!

Despite its clear satirical nod to Star Trek, The Orville offers a nice balance of serious plotline that kept my attention and humor that had me chuckling every couple minutes. My only complaints are that it seemed to want to be a RomCom at times, and those were clear filler than drug it what would’ve been an effective 30-minute episode into drag territory. Hmmm– maybe Seth just isn’t used to writing for a show for this duration.

Either way, I enjoyed the pilot despite its lack of tightening. Here’s to hoping The Orville lasts longer than The Cleveland Show! 3.5/5 Family Guys.

-Tim Markham