UNHOLY GRAIL #1 [Review]: Ex-Caliber.

UNHOLY GRAIL #1 [Review]: Ex-Caliber.

Scorchéd earth of cauldron bubble
Arisen up through viscous rubble
Forged within dark aqueous flame
Imprisoned eternal in metallic bane
Royal rage unleashed by Cambion mage
Pendragon’s heir to rule of wicked age

-Merlinus Caledonensis

UNHOLY GRAIL #1 – AfterShock Comics

Jason “Bad Preacher” Bud

Arisen wretchedly from the foulest of earthen ichor, comes this demonic retelling of one of humanity’s most legendary tales. Decreed by the court of Aftershock Comics: a blasphemous gift of truly evil enterprise granted frightfully unto everyone via obscene measures of ignobility. Gauntlet-greased for your own impending esophageal displeasure. Flayed upon your very own table of round-pounded flesh. You are now ordered to suck the carrion freely from King Arthur’s Excalibur…

Percival the Grail Seeker has returned to his beloved Camelot, yet it looks more like Salem’s. Has the kingdom truly fallen, or is this most noble knight accursed with demonic visions? Before we discover deeper this horrific haven envisioned, perhaps the answers we seek reside within magickal realms from other times…

Son of the Devil, with his world-wrecking wand, may yet scry for us mortals the methodologies behind this multiversal madness. His knowledge of the preordained may unravel the reasons for his perceived treachery and treason. Do we truly understand why this necromantic nomad spirited the infant king away?

Lady of the Lake was personified as an insatiable siren insisting on incessant swordly sacrifice; yet was she truly a mystical maiden, or does a diabolical beast puppetstring her passion from below the murky haze? Was this the initial bargain that brought Pendragon’s soul to hellion gates aflame? And what of Sir Percival and the Grail in his wield? Is he worthy in his noble purity to redeem the fallen fiefdom? The Round Table often turns in spirals, after all. Corkscrew the armorplate! Sharpen the bone cleaver!! Worship the flesh reaver!!! 4/5 Lances The Lot Of Them.

Duke Cullen Bunn (Deadpool, Sixth Gun) Wordsmith
Lord Mirko Colak (Deathstroke, Red Skull) Draughtsman
Lady Maria Santaolalla (Back To the Future, Dorian Gray) Colourationist
Sir Simon Bowland (2000 AD, Judge Dredd Megazine) Fontsman

-Jason “Bad Preacher” Bud