AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D [PaleyFest ’14]: Down the Stretch, Ridin’ Dirty.

Agent May has been going through some rather interesting character changes recently as well. Has this surprised the actress about her character? “This whole season has been one of jaw-dropping surprises” she says. “The writers, they don’t tell us anything; Marvel is S.H.I.E.L.D!” Okay Chloe Bennet. Is Skye finally committed about being on the team now? “Oh absolutely. Her relationship with Coulson is definitely the glue. It became really real for her when Coulson almost dies. It’s grown into a really nice father/daughter relationship.” The audience laughs as Gregg has an uncomfortable look on his face. “I’m just grateful it wasn’t her grandfather,” he jokes.


When asked about the relationship between the FitzSimmons partnership — besides sounding entirely like a New York law firm — and what it’s leaning towards more, Iain De Casecker (Fitz) reflected that “it seems more like brother and sister.” And as many in the audience groaned in disappointment, Elizabeth Henstridge (Simmons) can only add nothing more but a nod. “Yeah, that’s how we’re playing it.” But, seriously people! Seeing how this isn’t Grey’s Anatomy I say good choice, scientists.

An answer to a question from the audience confirms that Bill Paxton will return as Agent John Garrett in addition to the recent announcement that Patton Oswalt will appear in a future episode. “There’s still a few more surprises that we have to shake out of our sleeves,” Loeb offers. But IF there’s a Season 2 do you have any thoughts on characters from Marvel to come? “All sorts of people. Whatever they’ll let us play with,” says Whedon. So…Batman, Riddler, Hellboy, Invincible? Sounds great, guys.

How's it any different than Asgard?
How’s it any different than Asgard?

Finishing up the audience Q&A portion of the panel this evening: Are there any superheroes the actors would like to have a scene with in the future? “I’d like to have a scene with Loki,” Henstridge replies. “You know, have a cup of tea….” Of course Gregg couldn’t restrain himself from telling everyone about his scene with the God of Mischief. “Somehow I suspect you would have a different result.”

And seeing how the series’ increased quality has given our agents some much needed momentum, the odds of a satisfying Season 1 finish now looks better than ever.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns on ABC April 1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters April 4. But you knew that.

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