With this week’s Sunday Stash, it’s time to go back…BACK TO THE FUTURE!!! Well, Future’s End #0 that is. That’s right, my congregation of holy coolness, your very own master of the verbal rope-a-dope and all around pitier of fools, Guy Padre, is making a special Tuesday appearance at the site that always rocks the body that rocks the party. Today I’m dropping a double shot of opinions on the weekly mega event to come and choice musings on an armored Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) offering from our friends at Valiant. Cue applause, hit my music, and away we go!

But, that’s not all. There was a teensy tiny book that dropped this past week called, oh, Amazing Spider-Man #1…and none other than our Moody Monsignor himself is here to spread the 4-1-1 on Manhattan’s finest.


There was absolutely no way we could get away with avoiding Mr. Peter Parker’s long-awaited return during the week of an even bigger release: the box-office bonanza of Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yet, while our Spidey-Cast is certainly on its way — and it’s damn good thanks to fellow parishioners Deacon E and Minister Gabe — reviews of this “All-New Marvel NOW” Spider-Man comic and the video game will also certainly help quench that webbed-up thirst.

Now, while the creative team remains the same (much like Mark Waid and Chris Samnee on the All-New Daredevil), Amazing Spider-Man #1 indeed marks the start of a new era: Peter Parker practically wakes up and finds out that the man who honed his persona over the last year-and-a-half — Spidey-Ock, Doctor Octo-Spidey — did his share of surprisingly good and, perhaps more surprisingly, fucked up things. Either way, it’s got to feel great for Dan Slott (Silver Surfer) to write the swashbuck-quipping, free-as-a-bee parkouring Parker again. Everyone notices.


So, just what in J. Jonah Jameson’s name did the previous Superior-Spider-Man do? Everything Parker does, surely, but to the nth degree.

-A new company: Parker Industries.

-A new degree: Doctor Peter Parker, SH.

-A new galpal: Oh, yeah. That.

Evil, half-evil, or not, Doctor Octopus was a brilliant man, with ideas far bigger than any Agent of NASA could fathom. Problem is, nobody liked him. He wasn’t funny. His superiority was far too serious. And, heck; he just wasn’t a nice person. So it’s now up to Pete to play along with these operations, brush them off to the side (till shit really hits the fan), or proceed with these Galactus-sized ideas post-“Goblin Nation” and do what damn superheroes are supposed to do. Watching Parker have to work well above his pay-grade should make for numerously humorous scenarios (Spidey whities!), especially setting him into a land where people approve of the Avengers over him.

Sorta sounds like the box office, eh?

What’s truly enticing about ASM #1, Vol. 3 is the fact the book doesn’t stray too far away from Slott’s previous Spidey-superiority. Peter absolutely feels great to be back at it, as Humberto Ramos (Spectacular Spider-Man) does his usual tremendous job capturing the essence of Marvel’s most famous superhero, and there’s a certain level of buoyancy to his nature. He got that pep back in his step, yo! Ramos’ cartoony vibe, with a helpful web inking from Victor Olazaba, captures the best of both the animated and comic; considering the film tries to do the same, this particular pencil styling is a definite welcome back. Sure, Spidey has looked intensely cool with subtler, gritty stylings in the past (John Romita Jr., anything from Avenging Spider-Man), but, really, a Spider-Man comic shouldn’t look like a Punisher comic, a Black Widow comic, or an Elektra comic, since our friend in the red-and-blue pajamas is the most hyper-exaggerated of them all.

Ah…and you just know by now how much Marvel loves to “celebrate” their comics with more backups. To celebrate Pete’s return, the book will cost you a couple bucks more. Thankfully, the majority of the stories in the back are solid. Most of them set up the groundwork Slott has laid down for the next year, featuring bits involving Black Cat (yum!), Spider-Man 2099 (word!), Electro (duh!), and Scarlet Spider (huh?). Although the latter appears the most useless, as Scarlet Spidey’s feature is more of a New Warriors scenario than anything.

But look. Whether you enjoyed Superior, or were one of those peeved at Slott for “taking away” your Spider-Man, then come snatch up this #1. Pete’s back and is in more shit than ever — and this Monsignor wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 (out of 5) Spidey-Cakes.
4 (out of 5) Spidey-Cakes.








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