Happy September, fellow geeks and geekettes! Summer isn’t quite over just yet, not when we’ve still got some of the hottest titles and creators cranking out some cosmic comic goodness for us. Just what names will we be encountering during this week’s Sunday Stash? Just keep reading and find out here, at GodHatesGeeks!…

“Reverend” Ryan Ford

Not just a clever play on words, Asgardians of the Galaxy is mostly just a clever play on words. A rag-tag group of murderers, assassins, thugs and frogs – all with ties to the Realm Eternal – come together in order to stop a threat to the universe only they can prevent.  So now that I’ve spoiled the entire arc of the comic with one sentence, let’s move on to some of the more surprising aspects of the comic, like the story.

Writer Cullen Bunn has a lot of good ideas. He builds upon the mythology that came before in way that is very logical, once all the pieces have been placed on the game board. That being said, there is a mild predictability to the events as they transpire. Nevertheless, Bunn has left enough wiggle room to build a very compelling and entertaining story. Speaking of mythology, the MacGuffin of the issue, the Naglfar, is really fun to say out loud, but I digress. One major portion of the book that worked quite well was the art; artist Matteo Lolli and colorist Federico Blue work together in crating a vibrant cosmic world that gives off a classic Star Trek vibe. It is reminiscent of the episode Kirk is fighting those really slow, poorly dressed lizard men in the desert. That. Full disclosure: there’s a high likelihood I’ll pick up a future issue of this title – hopefully when all the dead Asgardians start kicking some galactic ass – and know exactly what is happening. Anyway, if you like the Family-Fun-Center-style of fun that takes place in outer space and boasts a roster of Valhalla’s Junior Varsity, this is the comic for you. 2.75/5 Bibles.
-Ryan Ford

“Minister” Matthew Garza

Scott Snyder brings the Totality story to its end. The League puts its most complicated plan up to stop the Legion of Doom. As the story has gone over, “doom” is synonymous with fate. Lex Luther believes he can become the universe’s savior by embracing the negative aspects of life, which makes him square off against Hawkgirl, John Stewart literally races around the planet connecting to everyone who’ve become ultraviolet lanterns in order to accept the power of the invisible spectrum; and Flash has to slow down and use the Still Force to expand the universe and cut off Umbrax — the Ultraviolet Power battery — from coming to Earth. This is very complicated. Oh, and Batman is in a sarcophagus-like cast set in standing position; it’s kinda funny, considering all his limbs were broken in the last issue.

As Flash attempts to cut off Umbrax, along with help from Wonder Woman and Aquaman, Cheetah and Black Manta try to destroy the underwater Lair from the outside. Aquaman makes it outside, drawing in two sharks that would put the Meg to shame, in hopes of distracting them. Hawkgirl gets the upper hand on Luther; Superman deflects raw energy from Umbrax; and Flash witnessed what Vandal Savage had in store, and pushes forward. After finally defeating the Legion, the Justice League is now in possession of the Totality— the energy source from which our entire reality was created. Now, they hope if should they fail in healing the breach in the source wall, the Totality will hold the answers they need to save the multiverse. Overall this was pretty good, albeit confusing.. but Martian Manhunter and John Stewart’s conflicts were enough to keep me invested in the Legion, especially with Lex accepting help from an unlikely new ally. 3/5 Bibles.

-Matt Garza

“Cardinal” Roberto de Bexar

Ethan Sacks has shown that he can do intimate with Old Man Hawkeye but he really drives home this point with Silver Surfer Annual. Sacks takes us back to the beginning for the Surfer, when he has just become the herald of Galactus and he is searching for the right planet. He shows us that the Surfer is trying to find a planet that either a) isn’t inhabited or b) is such a warring planet that no one would miss them. He finds one, but it turns out to be the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” incident.

The Surfer finds out that underneath the warring planet is a world eons ahead of the Kree or Skrull, but it is too late and his master is already on his way. The doomed planet passes their song on to the title hero, but he goes mad by what he’s done.By the end, Galactus wipes his memories and the Surfer finds another warring planet that no one will miss: Earth. It’s a beautiful issue that has a lot of undercurrent tones describing today, but it really could be any decade. The art by Andre Lima Araujo is reminiscent of Howard Chaykin, but with cleaner lines. It evokes emotion on every level and he does a great job at it. My only complaint about this issue is that I don’t know if it takes place before his first appearance in Fantastic Four or if his mind wipe by Galactus erased all of that. 4/5 Silver Bibles.

-Robert Bexar

SCARLET #1 – Jinxworld/DC Comics
“Sister” Savanna Leigh @SavannaDLeigh

From one Scarlet headed lady to another, I was very excited to review the rebooted Scarlet #1, by DC’s biggest free agent pick-up of the season, Brian Michael Bendis, and his longtime P.N.C., Alex Maleev. I had high hopes but unfortunately they fell as flat as the Florida’s landscape–which just so happens to be the location I’m flying to as I review this comic. Scarlet’s writing, despite the prowess of the person with the pen, was less than engaging and the drawing.. believe it or not.. was subpar. Most of the time I was confused about where the story was going or what the characters were even talking about when they would go on these page-long tangents. This plot had the potential to be amazing; but, instead, it’s not something I can recommend. You will be as disappointed as I was the morning I realized our family dog, Buffy, was indeed not my biological mother. 2/5 Bibles.-Savanna Leigh

“Saint” Timothy Markham

Hunt For Wolverine Dead End’ premise really pulled me in. Straight from the front cover: “Wolverine died, entombed in molten adamantium. The X-Men took his metal-encased body and hid it away, keeping its location secret. But nothing stays buried, it was only a matter of time. As teams of X-Men, Avengers and other investigators searched for Wolverine’s body, the clues began to pile up… and the moment has come to put them together.” Even if you have no prior knowledge of the situation, that brings you up to speed and gets you interested instantly. The story starts out with Tony Stark and Daredevil meeting up… at the X-Mansion and several other crossover interactions ensue. Charles Soule’s story is action packed and paired very well with Ramon Rosanas’ art. I will 100% be picking up #2 in the series to see what happens after a star-studded cast of heroes leaves us off on a cliffhanger. 4/5 Undead Mutants.

-Tim Markham

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