ATTACK ON TITAN 2 – FINAL BATTLE [PS4 Review]: Building On a Giant Foundation.

Robert “The DCD” Workman

Last year’s release of Attack On Titan by Koei Tecmo wasn’t too shabby, to say the least. It followed the anime pretty closely, and gave you the satisfactory feeling of bringing down giants with the help of jet-propelled warriors. But…it did take a little longer getting where it needed to go at times. And there are scenarios where it could’ve been better than it was.

But now we’ve got the expansion, Final Battle, that adds a significant amount to the game. If you didn’t pick up Attack On Titan 2 yet, you can buy the whole package for a pretty great price. And if you did, you can pick up the upgrade and add on to your already existing adventure. Either which way, it expands upon the original game in a number of ways, with a new character, some additional modes, and, yep, more large creatures to bring down to size. If you’re a fan of the anime, consider this a must-have…

With a new “Character Episode Mode,” you’ll be able to access a number of features right off the bat this time around, including a new control scheme that makes it far easier to kill Titans this time around. That’s going to be useful for those that struggled with the game last year, as you can aim for weak points, like the nape of the neck, much easier this time around.

But what’s more, you’ll also get access to some great new weapons, including a cool long-range Anti-Personnel ODM and “Thunder Spears,” which are ideal for taking down some of these beasts. There are others that you can play around with as well, and camps where you can set up reloading where needed. Granted, you will have to build up to get to these points, but that’s part of the game’s progressive cycle. And fortunately, it’s not too much of a grind to get there.

Raw Reunion MY ASSSS!!!

Along with the “Character Episode Mode,” Attack On Titan 2 also lets you enhance your weapons in a number of ways, through found materials over the course of each open world, as well as any Regiment funds you pick up for bringing down these behemoths. And they aren’t limited to Story and Character Episodes either – spend them however the heck you want.

New skills also open up for whichever character you select as well, with a handful of choices available. These open up the game in spades, so you’re not stuck with a particular type over the course of Attack On Titan 2 – a problem that plagues most anime-licensed games these days. With 35 characters in all over this third season, including new favorites like Zeke, Nifa and Floch, you’ll be busy for quite some time.

That’s for.. taking my.. lanyard!

Another Mode and Territory Mode are available as well, so you can mix things up and overtake parts of the land while bringing down large beasts. They can be challenging if you’re not careful, so it never hurts to set up your camp and make sure you’ve got your weapons at the ready.

What’s cool is how the game relies more on pacing and strategy than the usual Koei Tecmo fare. After all, the game comes from the Dynasty Warriors development team, so we usually expect the “slash thousands to kill them” sort of approach. Not here – Attack On Titan 2 stays true to the rhythm of the anime fare, while making you feel like a total badass. And Final Battle drives that point home with even more content.

The original game looked great, and Final Battle has even more additional content, including more levels, more Titan types, more great looking characters, and cool weapon effects. It looks closer to the anime than the original, but not by an overwhelming amount. Still, minor improvement is still worth notating, and fans will be thrilled. And the voicework, in traditional Japanese, is excellent, just like the anime.

I think the only real setback is, even if you’ve dug into Attack On Titan 2 for hours on end, Final Battle will require you to walk through the basics all over again. Like, we know all of this, and yet have to re-learn it. It can be a real pain in the neck – like the Titans experience, I suppose.

Winner gets inside Hall H.

But I digress. Very few anime games improve upon the experience that’s usually presented, but Attack On Titan 2 gets the job done with Final Battle. It’s well worth the money, with the additional characters, new modes, extra weapons and other goodies. If you loved the first release, this is definitely worth the upgrade. Or, if you’ve been waiting for a purchase, this is the double-down you’ve been waiting for. Now go kill some giants! 4/5 Hearty Neck Slashes.

-Robert Workman

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