BATTLEFIELD 1 [Face-Off Review]: Great Big 1.

Adam “The Advocate of Al’Akul” Bowers @chefadambowers XBL: Advocate05
Adam “The Advocate of Al’Akul” Bowers @chefadambowers XBL: Advocate05

GEEKHey Lauro, how you liking Battlefield 1? I love it so far! The Campaign is amazing and Operations is one of the best new modes they have, not to mention the Multiplayer mode, War Pigeon!

"Reverend" Lauro Rojas @Snarky_motif
“Reverend” Lauro Rojas

NERD – This Battlefield has lived up to my expectations and completely surpassed them–evident from the prologue in campaign. They say Call of Duty is the standard for cinematic gameplay. Ha! Multiplayer is just the cherry topped icing on the cake.

ADAM: I completely agree. The Campaign actually made me cry; I mean, this “Advocate” actually felt bad killing people and really cared for the person I am controlling. I never felt this way before playing an FPS. It’s a bit un-nerving. And I just had cataract surgery, so this and Destiny are making my eyes have orgasms. It’s also graphically incredible. Hey Rev, have you tried the other modes?

LAURO: Multiplayer has been phenomenal; I’ve played conquest, rush, domination, team deathmatch, but sorely haven’t played war pigeons yet. Operations is where I’ve spent most of my time. You can literally spend an hour on one operation, assuming your team doesn’t suck!

War. War doesn't seem to alter all that much.
War. War doesn’t seem to alter all that much.

ADAM: For those that don’t know, Operations is like a mix of Multiplayer and actual story, with each mission objective-based. Let’s say, you enter one and you get a story: this town has to be retaken, Germans are holding onto it and this is the final push. So, now you pick the squad, and spawn point; when you enter the game you realize it’s Rush. Now, you have to move forward and take the two points on the map. If you accomplish this goal, you then move on to the next town and this time it’s Conquest. As players further progress in the game, they will be alerted that their forces are reducing and may/may not lose the point. If they lose, Battlefielders have two more chances to win. It’s very addictive. Like the good Rev said, hours can be spent on this mode.

LAURO: I like how the guns look and feel are different whether you’re using an MG 15 Low Weight or a Cei-Rigotti. There is no one gun that overpowers the rest. It’s just whether you’re quick on the draw and if your aim is true. What’d you think of the mechanics, brah?

Holy Ship!
Holy Ship!

ADAMWhen the game is running stable, it’s amazing. The guns just feel right. I’d argue the only game with better shooting mechanics and gun comfort is Destiny, but BF1–man–these guns… I adore how each bit of arsenal feels different and works in different situations. My favorite is the Automatico M1918 Storm; the look, sound, and feel seems right.

LAUROThe amount of time they must have spent on the sound really shows. Every time I play, I turn to volume WAY up. The sound design is not to be muted over whatever EDM helps you concentrate. You hear the crunch of gravel underfoot, far off cries of men being slaughtered, the pop-pop of gun fire. It really does transport you to a Europe under siege.

BF1: Enterprise Edition.
BF1: Enterprise Edition.

ADAMThe whistle… the rain and, yes, (what you said) the screams. Oh god, the screams! I like being on the Zeppelin (yes, my team always struggles) and being on the tail; you can hear the bullet shells hit the floor. It’s so amazing. So, do you have any negatives on this game?  I have a few, but you go first.

LAURO: Easy: the loading times for Operations. Sometimes it kicks me out or outright won’t start the game.

ADAM: I’ve started to experience lag, ghost bullets, the matchmaking time is insanity level absurd, and one thing you didn’t mention: this is, also, skill-based matchmaking. I’m rank 4… getting my ass beat hard by rank 2s and below. How is this even close to skill-based matchmaking? My K/D (Kill/Death for the rooks) is like infant level baby fps user. But here I am matched with Dudebro McTryHard from the town of MLGBroheimville…

"I don't get hype; I STAY..."
“I don’t get hype; I STAY…”

(cont.) I spawn in and before my gun gets level, I’m seeing the sky and my own on-screen blood. I’m having fun.. when I can move, and shit; but this game needs major explanations on the matchmaking. Like Bungie and Destiny‘s Crucible; how much is it based on skill and how much on connection? Cause both are atrocious.

LAURO: True. There are times that the game’s frustrated me with the matchmaking. But it’s potatoes compared to the entirety of the game. At least for me.

Tanks for the memories.
Tanks for the memories.

ADAMTo the majority of players, it’s a big deal. It really affects how you choose your encounter and if you should push. But if you (only) play the story, not so much. The game is near perfection in my mind, even with the complaints on the online side of things. This is one of the best single campaigns I have played, as far as a Battlefield game goes.. if ever. The sound, the graphics, the immersion. It’s so clean and perfect. Hold on, I’ll be back later. I hear a whistle. 4.75/5 Bibles.

LAURO: This “face-off” has been more anti-climatic than the ending to The Hobbit, but I do agree, Adam Advocate: Damn-near perfection in an age where recycled sports games and yearly installments are the IT thing. Nice to know that DICE — the people behind BF1 — chose quality over quantity. 5/5 Bibles.

*Disclaimer: Thanks EA, for the Pre-Release Review Codes! Oh.. Wait…*

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