BATTLETOADS [E3 2019 Face-Off]: Toad, Jab, and Hurl.

Robert “The DCD” Workman

BATTLETOADS (DLaLa Studios/Rare/Xbox Game Studios – Xbox One – 2019) – A lot of folks seem to have given the new Battletoads trailer the cold shoulder because of its new art style. Which, to me, is a stupid idea. I mean, why shouldn’t it go for a new art style? Why shouldn’t DLaLa Studios try something new and unique with the game’s visual approach?

Besides, that gives Zitz, Rash and Pimple the chance to brash out with new and innovative attacks. Did folks just not see that in the trailer…

Not to mention the sheer awesomeness of those 3D jet bike stages. I mean, you can beat them now, right? You can actually see the hazards that are coming and prepare yourself accordingly. I mean, if you don’t like that, then you truly are being fickle, guys. Give the game a chance, it certainly won’t let you down. Warts and all. 4.5/5 BattleBibles.

-Robert Workman

Travis Moody

I should leave all the Battletoad-experting to my man Robert. But a week ago at the Xbox Showcase I was fortunate enough to spend my last 12-minutes of the show with the reboot. It was fun! While the Battletoads‘ isn’t exactly my thing, the dual-sided demo was certainly a cheeky, colorful, challenging experience.

The first mission I played threw the ‘Toads into an over-the-top Double Dragon/TMNT Arcade-style street fight (or just Battletoads-style, for those who played the series before) against a bunch of sci-fi-inspired farm animal dweebs looking for an ass-kicking. The only issue I had with this level’s 3-person co-op was the toads’ on-screen overlap while scrapping it with the A.I. Otherwise, controls felt great, simple but effective, and the ‘Toads’ unique special attacks were hilarious. We took down mobster boss Porkshanks before the real ass-kicking began.

So hard it hurt.

The Turbo Tunnel. While not nearly as hard as the hardest stuff Cuphead has to offer, the tunnel racing bit in the demo was savage. But at least the race continues until Rash, Pimple, and Zitz run out of lives, and there are checkpoints, albeit difficult to get to. The two dudes I played with and I failed on so many levels, and with a few minutes left to go in the Showcase, I had to bail to make sure Mr. Robert here got some of that Battletoads swag, yo!

That’s the nice part, though; players can hop in and hop out of co-op. I mean, they should, as it surely ain’t being called Battletoads for nothin’. Now throw us a demo, Xbox. It’s time to git gud. 3.25/5 Broken Xbox Controllers.

-Travis Moody

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