BEST COMICS of 2014/2015 [Podcast]: Cult of Multiversity!

Hey, so we’re a little late for this one. Why? Because it’s perhaps our most extensive conversation on the Best of Geekness yet. Why? Because it’s Comics GODDAMMUH!


Join the likes of your trusty host, the “Monsignor” Travis Moody, “The Traveling Nerd Apostle” Lance Paul, and — live from the home of the Super Bowl, those sun dunes of Arizona — Ryan “Salvation” Scott. Yes, the one and only “Sermonizer” joins GHG on our 4th and final “Best of” podcast. (Not to mention the absolutely heroic efforts from “Brother” Myke Ladiona on the wheels-of-steel.

BUT! We don’t slack for CURRENT topics. In addition to our Parish Picks, we give our thoughts on the latest news concerning the End of the New 52, Secret Wars, A-Force (the first ever all female Avengers team), Convergence, and the rise of Image Comics and ImageCon.

So, we ain’t that dated yo!

(From left to right): Moody, Lance, Ryan.
(From left to right): Moody (w/ some director guy), Lance, Ryan.

And here yeee gooo…

If the above SoundCloud isn’t working on your mobile device, then it’s time to get a new mobile device. No– you can also download the show via Mediafire.

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