BEST STAR WARS VIDEO GAMES [Face-Off]: Revenge of the Fifth.

We’re still celebrating May The 4th over at GHG. Or, are we? No– it’s Revenge of the Fifth! With that, here are the Top 3 Best Star Wars Games from our respective Gaming-Sith.

Felipe “Deacon” Crespo

1.) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Series (2003, 2004, 2008 – BioWare/EA/Obsidian – Xbox/PC/Mobile) – Thank you, BioWare. So much. Even if you didn’t care about Star Wars, these two games were so great that they more than warranted multiple play-throughs. Furthermore, it’s basically Mass Effect‘s grandpappy. Fingers crossed we get a part 3 some day. – 5/5

Neil Nessa Smith

1.) Knights of the Old Republic (2003) – BioWare at its finest, the RPG elements and character choices that people grew so fond of from the Mass Effect trilogy were on full display in KotOR. The storytelling was excellent (that twist!) and featured several memorable characters with HK-47 the assassin droid being a personal favorite. And yes, he’d kick IG-88’s ass any day. If there is one game that really deserves the remake treatment it would be this. KotOR is not just the best Star Wars game but undoubtedly deserves a spot somewhere in the Greatest games of all-time list. – 5/5

Travis Moody

1.) Star Wars – Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (2001 – Lucasarts/Activision – Gamecube) – Confession time: I’ve never played KoTOR! I’ve never played any of the games in the series. I never game on PC and didn’t own them when I had the O.G. Xbox. Since I’ve grown to love Revan based on the ominous, yet sleek appearance alone (I own two Black Series Darth Revan figs), a remake would be John Williams music to my ears.

(Cont.) But I did play the GameCube a bit, and Rogue Leader was one of the best titles on that oft-forgotten console. And no matter how frustrating these games could be — you had to be painstakingly precise with every shot — the legendary score and atmosphere made Rogue Squadron II an addiction I’ll never forget. Despite some excellent air combat in the newer Battlefronts, roaring through and reenacting our cherished moments from Endor, Bespin, Hoth and the Death Star in an X-Wing = priceless! – 4.5/5

FELIPE: 2.) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Series (2008, 2010 – PS2/PS3/X360/Wii/Portable) – It wasn’t the first game that let us choose between the light and dark side. And it sure as hell wasn’t the first one that let us use fun force powers. What it did do.. was deliver everything in a great cinematic package that hadn’t quite been achieved before (since the console power just wasn’t available). Flinging Stormtroopers into walls or lava in the middle of “Devil May Cry-like” combos was so damn satisfying. – 4.75/5

NEIL: 2.) Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (2004) – While a good sequel to the first one, TSL never did reach the same high praise. The story was still solid, and they tackled new themes and territory previously not done in the Star Wars saga with some thought provoking subjects. P.S. These two games haven’t aged well graphically — at all — but are still amazing in its conception and execution. – 4.5/5

TRAVIS: 2.) Star Wars – Jedi: Fallen Order (2019 – Respawn/EA – X1/PS4/PC) –  While, traditionally, Star Wars games haven’t been so high on my list, thank the Obi Wan that Respawn delivered arguably the best console SW game in forever last year with Jedi: Fallen Order. While I have my minor complaints, there aren’t too many more things more satisfying than having Cal deflect Stormtrooper blasts right back at their sorry asses. If you want more of my thoughts, read my review. – 4.25/5

FELIPE: 3.) Jedi: Fallen Order – The game that took everyone by surprise. Because EA. Seriously, who the hell would’ve thought this stellar single player experience would come from a real world evil empire? In all regards, it feels like a natural evolution/sequel to The Force Awakens. Satisfying combat, great performances by the cast, and a satisfying story that has you exploring a good variety of locations in the SW universe. I’m glad the sequel is happening. – 4.5/5

NEIL: 3.) Star Wars: The Old Republic (2008 – BioWare/EA – PC) – One of the most expensive games ever developed, SWTOR was a brave attempt at forging a Star Wars MMO. What made the game unique in comparison to a lot of other MMO’s was the fact that every class had its own story arc as well as all the dialogue being voiced which kept the players immersed through several playthroughs.

I managed to get a couple of hundred hours out of the game back when it launched, so I have had my fair share of fun with it. To this day TOR is still getting new content and expansion packs which is impressive in itself. – 4/5

TRAVIS: 3.) Star Wars – Battlefront II (2005 – Pandemic/Savage/Lucasarts – Xbox/PS2/PC) *TIE* Battlefront II (2017 – EA DICE – X1/PS4/PC) – ‘Cause I just thought it would be funny TIE-fighting these two games with the same name from the same company. Both have their faults, although the O.G. BFII is perhaps more cherished for being so special at a time when the best PC games were on PC, and for introducing a campaign. And whattya know? The modern BF suffered the same fate and delivered a campaign to its sequel, too. While short, the stories were much appreciated.

And while 2017 BFII‘s progression system is fuckin’ unrewarding and an unnecessarily complex joke (and let’s not get started on those microtransactions), truth is, EA kept pushing and has persistently added content to a game that’s already been out for a few years now. – 3.5/5

FELIPE  Honorary mentions: Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, Jedi Knight Series, Republic Commando.

NEIL – Honorary Mentions: None.

TRAVIS – Honorary Mentions: Rogue Squadron, LEGO Star Wars (any), Star Wars Trilogy Arcade.

Happy Revenge of the Fifth of May, geeks!

-Felipe Crespo, Neil Nessa Smith, & Travis Moody

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