BLEEDING EDGE [E3 2019]: Fun So Far.

Travis Moody

BLEEDING EDGE (Ninja Theory/Xbox Game Studios – X1/PC – 2019) – Despite a day-before leak, one of the big surprises at E3 2019 is the direction of Ninja Theory’s next title. Bleeding Edge is an online team-based shooter that’s bits of Overwatch, pieces of Borderlands and touches of DmC. Throw all those quirky sci-fi/fantasy tropes in a blender and you have this. And I had a blast playing it…

Mind you, this title is far from Moody’s wheelhouse. I typically run to the hills from anything that screams League of Legends, competitive online, yadda-yadda; but Xbox may have themselves a huge exclusive new addiction. Since I’m more the run-and-melee than run-and-gun type, Bleeding Edge fits my limited online abilities. Characters are fun, all having a real distinct art style, strengths and skills. Best of all, players can select any of these edgy scrappers once their initial choice dies. Yup; I fracking loved having the ability to try out 4-5 different characters in one play session.

My biggest issue with Bleeding Edge isn’t the game itself, but the overall substance beneath its gorgeous polish. We’ve seen games like this perform well at E3 (Battleborn) and even go so far as “win” E3 (Evolve), only to quickly perish months after launch. Will there be a campaign? Couch co-op? How many modes? Is BleedingĀ  Edge yet another attempt to fill a corporate quota ala we need an online F2P shooter ASAP?

Watch out Piper.

Until we get answers to those concerns, this MOBA-esque 4v4 funkfight looks to be a good time in limited usage. It would be a shame to conjure up all these creative, vibrant characters without a reason to care. Like, I need a story mission (or at least a series of cutscenes) with Buttercup ASAP. Although I didn’t do best with the boss lady who possesses buzzsaw fists and a flair for flattening opponents with a heavy uni-motorcycle, Buttercup was indeed a memorable choice. The majority of the other characters have zany, enjoyable personalities too.

Despite my doubts with the title’s longevity, I’m looking forward to giving the technical alpha a whirl later on this month. 3.5/5 Bibles.

-Travis Moody

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