BRUNO SAMMARTINO / DCEASED [Reviews]: Hope At World’s End.

BRUNO SAMMARTINO #1 – Inverse Press
Destiny “Evangelical” Edwards

One of the better biography comics I’ve read, Bruno Sammartino #1 is the WWE Hall of Famer’s story in his own words. Pieced together from a series of interviews Sammartino did shortly before his death with writer John Crowther and funded on Kickstarter, the first issue focuses on Sammartino’s early life, from hiding from Nazis in Italy to joining the National Guard during Vietnam.

Rich Perotta’s (Booster Gold, Invincible Iron Man) art has an old school feel which, coupled with Crowther’s script, gives the book an impression of authenticity. Crowther has stated that Sammartino wanted this limited series to “immortalize his legacy” and so far, it’s done an excellent job. I’m looking forward to the next four issues and you should be, too. 4.25/5 Bibles.

-Destiny Edwards

Rob Deep Maldonado

Decades ago I enjoyed Judd Winick & Dustin Nguyen’s run on Batman. Then, I got tired of everyone looking like the Penguin. I had my reservations about reading a non-Kirkman Zombie book, and even further, a Marvel Zombiesesque themed storyline.

But I had to give up two Bibles to Nguyen’s art because it looks like it’s evolving into some teenage-era Trevor Hairsine pencils. You remember, Trevor, the knockout punch on Classwar that people forgot Hitch drew Midnighter doing in Authority. He even has Olsen displaying a photo of Superman breaking Darkseid’s jaw. It was nice to see the evolution of Dustin’s Pencils…

Tom Taylor writes something cliched, an inspirational response of Superman by Jimmy Olsen that we’d expect from Jimmy. Wait, didn’t Marvel do an Endtimes book from the perspective of a journalist? I didn’t need another perspective on this Elseworld rip-off of a Marvel Tale. Also, didn’t Hairsine pencil the first DCeased? I wouldn’t need this in print and DC’s Digital Firsts are into a weak start with this release. 2/5 Bibles.

-Rob Deep Maldonado

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