CALL of DUTY – INFINITE WARFARE [Review]: Star Wars.

"Deacon E" Esko @eskobts
“Deacon E” Esko

Finally! The Call of Duty game I’ve been asking for. And let’s keep this one hundred: I’ve been avoiding every CoD since Modern Warfare (to which its remaster is neatly packaged with this purchase). I’ve played the others but refused to buy them. I felt like every version after Modern Warfare 2 could’ve just been released as DLC. I got really tired of playing the same game over and over with a new name.

Somehow, Infinite Warfare is completely different…

I’ve jumped back into the CoD universe just in time for an onslaught of backlash from the internet. Let’s get the standards out of the way first. The game looks in-fckn-credible, and the gameplay feels awesome — two things we’ve come to expect from the franchise. Infinite Warfare has the physical feel of all the others, with the aiming, the shooting, the running (etc.) all playing the same. That’s actually a plus, seeing how CoD has one of the best combat engines in the gaming world. However, this isn’t a ground war against the Middle East, or Russia, or any other trendy enemies.

This shit's in space, bitches!!
This shit’s in space, bitches!!

It’s not just another war game, either. Infinite Warfare is more like an interactive sci-fi movie. It’s really well written and the POV interactive cut-scenes will keep you engaged in the story. The weapons are cool. Just cool. Nothing really blew my mind about them, but they’re far from disappointing. One of the main things I despised about previous CoD‘s is the ultra short campaign. I’ve been playing Infinte Warfare for about an hour or so every couple of days since it came out. So far, I still have plenty of campaign left to play. Let’s hope I’m right.

Play this game, man. It's your dest...
Play this game, man. It’s your dest…

Besides the whole “annual series fatigue”, I don’t really understand the many gamers’ frustration with Infinite Warfare. It’s exactly what a sequel is supposed to be: something new, built on a familiar foundation. However, gamer-geeks seem to be demanding the same game remade with different weapons. That saddens me. If you dont keep checking the title on the box, you’ll forget that you’re playing CoD and get completly lost in an asteroid belt, fighting robots and aliens for a peaceful solar system.

They could’ve been a bit more creative with the title. Sure. Infinite Warfare, from Infinity Ward, sounds kinda rushed and not very creative. Maybe Black Sky, Beyond Infinity, or–Halo of Duty. Either way, just embrace the change. Quit crying, set your loadout, launch your Jackal, and protect the planet. Is that really so much to ask? 4/5 Intergallactic Planetary Bibles.

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