Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) has always been a voice I’ve followed. He’s always been a voice that told a horror story well and brought you to the brink of madness in a short period of time.

Wait. Why isn't Zom reviewing this again?
Wait. Why isn’t Zom reviewing this again?

This is no exception to that rule.

He and Damien Worm (In The Dark) have created a world in the shortest amount of time, giving us the story of Frankenstein’s monster after the final page of the novel. What does he do? Where does he go?

He stays on the high seas and he attempts to be around people similar to him, people who have been left on their own.

As per usual with Frankenstein’s monster, it doesn’t go well. And that’s the beauty of the stories created by Steve. It’s a beautiful story and it’s a great start, but it flows a little fast.

Everything happens quickly. He meets the ship, he gets on the ship, he gets a job getting rid of a bum, and then he kills someone that may cause him even more grief later on. And then he meets the man who will ruin the rest of his life. At least, I assume that.

Damien’s disturbingly great. He’s similar to Ben Templesmith in that his art could stand up next to Ben’s on the shelf. Looking at the two together you’ll see similarities and differences, but as a whole, it is incredibly reminiscent of Ben. Which is great.

Overall a finefirst issue, but short on some of the background. For a reader who doesn’t know the stories of Frankenstein’s monster, they might come into this as fans of Steve or monster movies, and not really get where to start from here.

3.5 Bibles.
3.5 Bibles.







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