CES ’14 [Wrap-Up]: Where Vinny Mac had TWO WORDS for Mr. Bay…

8.) Full Steam ahead!!!

Forget McSteamy or any other corny names we can come up with, because the only Steam worth mentioning is the all new Valve Steam Machine initiative which was unveiled here at CES. Numerous designs were shown, which doesn’t really explain how the PC gaming console move will work.

Steam Machines or least the idea behind it, is awesome. I love the concept. I just hope that the Steam OS has a future, if the hardware vendors, game developers and, of course, you the gamers embrace the tech, there is a chance!

Shit, I’m just now noticing the sign for free snacks.

I look forward to the road ahead for Razer and Steam. Razer has already partnered up with 13 other companies, Alien being one of the. Alien has already announced a Steam version of its X51. The next conventions leading up to E3 and Comic-Con will really show us what Min-Liang Tan CEO of Razer has in-store for us. 2014 could potentially be the year of the PC console.

The future is potentially very bright for the new hardware (just ask Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan), but 2014 is going to be a colossal year for Steam Machines and for Valve. CES was only the beginning, and these new gaming entrants have a fascinating road ahead of them. Those turned off by next-gen should be able to kick back and enjoy the ride.

7.) PlayStation Now, details later.

Way before the PS4 was released, Sony purchased Gaikai and then went silent about it. Everyone knew what Sony had in mind, but could they create an operational video game streaming system in such short time?

Well, this year at CES your favorite nerd Apostle got a glimpse of PlayStation Now. This service, which looks similar to HBO GO, will allow gamers to stream a selection of PS3 games onto their PS4 and Sony Bravia TV’s. No mention of what games yet, but this is definitely yet another thorn in Xbox One’s side. Stay tuned!

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