CES ’14 [Wrap-Up]: Where Vinny Mac had TWO WORDS for Mr. Bay…

Stephen King does it again!

6.) Razer keeps trying to sling his girl, Christine, at me!

The Razer 13 inch laptop has dominated the gaming laptop scene for quite some time so now Razer is trying to expand and dominate other gaming areas. It all started when Razer had a dream a couple years back, and it is now coming to fruition, and this dream is huge! Project Christine is Razer’s concept for a 100% modular gaming PC; though not even complete, it has already stolen some fanfare away from Steam.

2014 will be the year that Razer shows us what they’re made of. Project Christine could be the future of a literal plug-and-play PC gaming system, or it could go absolutely no where. Only time will tell.

5.) T-Mobile’s CEO shows AT&T “the people’s elbow”!

It was a big week for the CEO of T-Mobile US, John Legere. He won a pissing contest with the leader in mobile services AT&T, and was kicked out of a Macklemore & Lewis concert for doing it!

Legere found himself in the exclusive AT&T private party, and was gently escorted out of it earlier in the week. Legere is a diehard Macklemore fan, so of course he choose to attend. Ahem, yeah right! The outspoken, pink T-wearing, Aragorn-haired Legere planned his timing perfectly for CES. Just the next day he went on the stage and announced that T-Mobile would start paying the early termination fees of anyone switching to T-Mobile from Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. The forth largest cellphone provider has agreed to pay up to $350 to cover ETF, and an extra $300 for a new device.

If only their service was better in Southern Cal!

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