CES ’14 [Wrap-Up]: Where Vinny Mac had TWO WORDS for Mr. Bay…

Tastes better than Doritos — that I can promise.

4.) The Tegra K1 has come…. Let it be known!

In the realm of gaming graphics at CES nothing showed more than Nvidia with their Tegra K1 processor. The K1 chip has set a new standard when it comes to tablet gaming!

The Tegra K1 has 192 CUDA cores, DirectX11, Unreal Engine 4 support, and desktop class Kepler architecture. The K1 brings photorealistic graphics to the palm of our hands. According to Nvidia, when the Tegra comes out later this year it will be more graphically superior than the Xbox 360 and PS3. Here at GHG, we think the K1 will revolutionize the mobile gaming market…and maybe we’ll even start reviewing them.

3.) Steam(y) hands after this new overdrive Controller.

Gaming is fun and exciting! Gaming on a PC/MAC takes getting used to with a mouse and keypad. Valve finally has an answer for that! Valve’s new Steam Controller. I was able to get my hands on it for just a ninja second and I was impressed. It is light, streamlined, and creative when it comes to everything it has to handle. I mean, we are talking about replacing 61 keys and a shaved mouse here!

You can even enjoy Terry Gilliam films on this one!

2.) Vizio has a 4k for only 1k!

Last years CES 13 was all about 4K Televisions, every manufacture had one and they all cost more than Jose’s porn collection. Unfortunately they were priced super high and they didn’t have anything that could be played on them. Least one of these issues has been fixed as of this week! Vizio has released their new, Vizio P-Series Ultra HD set which will start at just $1,000 — yes $1,000 for a 50-inch, 4K television set. Now, 50 inches is a little “small” for a 4K TV, if you have seen one then you know that to truly get the full benefit out of one you need to be closer to the 70’s range. For the gaming community or fans of true 1080p movies this will be a necessity to buy next Christmas.

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