CES ’14 [Wrap-Up]: Where Vinny Mac had TWO WORDS for Mr. Bay…

1.) The WWE Network! Nuff said!

CES is usually about tech and gadgets, but the big press news this year came from Vince McMahon himself on the stage at the Encore hotel. No longer playing by the rules, the WWE has decided to change 30 years of irrevocable television. So blossoms the WWE Network! No longer will someone have to pay premium fees to see Wrestlemania or even cable fees for their weekly dose of Smackdown or RAW. For a monthly fee of only $9.99 (as opposed to earlier rumors of $14.99 or even 19.99) a month you will have access to all of this, when it shows and at the same time as everyone across the globe. Also, fans of the squared circle will have access to the rich history of 30 years of chair-smacking excellence. Yeah, you heard right. Every WWE, WCW and even ECW (and all of those old school and indy feds…can we get back ESPN’s old GWF?) match ever shown will be easily accessed and at the click of a remote, across all systems, gadgets and TV’s.

This is revolutionary move for a network to have the cojones to take on the establishment, but what else would you expect from the man who conquered Ted Turner?

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