CYCLOPS / ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN / CHAOS [Reviews]: Set me up, Scotty!

MILES MORALES: THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 – Set up the pieces, and watch them fall. New villains, old villains, old friends, more set up. That’s all this book seems to do! Which, is actually, kind of.. Awesome! Ultimate Spider-Man returns! After the events of Cataclysm, we’re shown Miles adjusting to his shaken up world. Getting back to what I mentioned before, Brian Michael Bendis (Powers) introduces two new villains, Criminal Spider-Men, who disappear just as quick as they’re introduced. Trying to avoid spoilers, one of the classic Spider-Man’s greatest villains makes a return, setting up a few distant mountains that are sure to resurface soon. And while a good amount of attention is given to Miles’ relationship with Katie Bishop, I prefer the conversation Miles has with Mary Jane regarding a possible exposing of his secret identity to Katie. The feeling that there is precedence to what Miles is experiencing elevates the book on an emotional level. But once you reach the end, the proverbial mic has been dropped. It’s an ending these hallowed church halls never expected, and our congregation would be crazy to not care about it’s destiny. David (All-New X-Men) Marquez’s art is stunning from beginning to end, only to be complemented by colorist Justin Ponsor (Guardians of the Galaxy). For many, Miles Morales may one day end up being “their Spider-Man”. 5/5.

"Made in China?"
“Made in China?”

THE NEW 52 – FUTURE’S END #1 – Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis has finally appeared in the New 52. But not exactly present day New 52. Futures End #1 is set five years into the future. Although gimmicky, this gives the book its own freedom to play around with without the restraints of the actual New 52 continuity. It works for the most part. Terry’s mission to shut down Brother Eye is quickly revealed to be just a smaller part in a bigger mystery, In which Stormwatch will play a part. Its members are mainly comprised of those whose books have been canceled, namely Hawkman. For a change, it’s nice to have a major event that’s not relying solely on the Trinity. The best segment in the book, though, would have to be the Grifter segment which I just wished had tied in more with the overall story. The comic feels very disjointed as a whole, otherwise. Not much has changed with Firestorm, still arguing amongst themselves, but the ending is the high point of this book. No spoilers here, but eager to see the ramifications of what goes down on the last panel. 3/5.

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