DEADLY CLASS / YOUNG JUSTICE [TV Reviews]: The Outsiders.

Jimmy “Apostolic” Cupp @thejimmycupp

Benjamin Wadsworth leads a cast of Abercrombie models, who we are to believe are the outcasts of society, brought to a school to become assassins. Wadsworth plays Marcus Lopez, a teenager whose parents were killed by a schizophrenic; only — instead of growing up with Batman’s money — he was left poor and homeless, and apparently a ruthless murderer. While I understand that Rick Remender (comic/show creator) wanted to set up a story of bad kids finding their place in the world by continuing to be murderers, I find it hard to get on-board cheering on kids who have separated themselves into race driven gangs, especially the Nazis of the show, going out and deciding who “deserves to die.” Remender wants you rooting for kids who call themselves Nazis.

All politics aside, this is just not the right time in our country for this. I will not continue watching this show about degenerate murdering teenagers descended from some of the worst gangs in the world being rewarded for their poor life choices. I like my assassins to have ethical codes, and missions that make the world a better place, not Nazis and Yakuza stabbing each other in the back. 1/5 Bibles.

-Jimmy Cupps

“Cardinal” Roberto de Bexar

With the launching of the DC app, fans were gifted with so many different goodies, but one of the big ones was the return of Young Justice with Season Three entitled Outsiders. The amount of geek knowledge that comes your way in the first episode is absolutely astonishing. It comes at you at breakneck speed. I made the mistake of not going back and watching the first two seasons because I’m having to play catch up. The voices are all still there which is both a good and slightly bad thing. Jesse McCarthy’s voice lined up great when he was ‘Robin’, but as ‘Nightwing’ they maybe should have gone with a more adult sounding voice.

That all being said, the animation is fantastic. The storyline, with metas being kidnapped/stolen and traded on a ‘meta blackmarket’; the JLA being disbanded puts the focus back on the Young Justice team, which is just a black ops team with quick quips and banter, has made this show a very binge worthy show that I’ve been forced to take my time with. The show is fantastic but the voice acting does tend to be a bit off-putting and can pull you out of the show which is a shame because the storyline is absolutely fantastic! 4/5 Metahuman Bibles.

-Robert Bexar

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