DREAD GODS #1 [Review]: Twenty-Three Years in the Making!

“Father” #HeelSean Farrell

I have been waiting for this since 1994. Yeah, you read that right. 1994. In ’94, OJ Simpson was on the run; The MLB was about to cancel baseball; Netscape let you crawl across the information superhighway at snail-like speed; Kurt Cobain left us; Michael Jackson married Elvis’ daughter; Shawshank Redemption tanked at the box office; Pulp Fiction debuted; Sheryl Crow hit the airwaves, and we all danced along to Blind Melon, hoping that little bee girl found where she belonged.

But this kid didn’t care about any of that.

1994 was the last year that anyone and everyone with an idea was launching a new comic book universe. Event Comics, Ultraverse, World’s Greatest Comics, Valiant, Legend and countless others came and went. But Bart Sears‘ OMINOUS PRESS? I. COULD. NOT. WAIT. Mr. Justice League Europe? X-O Manowar? Those How to Draw’s in Wizard Magazine? Brutes & Babes? They were getting their own line of books! Crazy Fun! But the bubble burst, the market crashed, and plans were put on hold indefinitely. Well, 23 years to be exact. The waiting truly is the hardest part.

On the Dystopian Wasteland planet called Prometheus, the dirty masses gather to jack in (literally) to be entertained by the comings and goings of the God of Gods Himself, ZEUS and his 6 Godlings, as they do battle with Zeus’ brother HADES and his vicious HYDRA and monsters that comes from the bowels of hell itself. These gods and monsters are living for what seems to be a soap opera for the humans and mutants living in the pack cities on Prometheus. Ron (Witchblade, Green Lantern) Marz handles the writing of this mash up of sci-fi and Clash of the Titans-esque action adventure. Marz has a long trusted history of world building and character development, and he’s here already laying a solid foundation. The art is handled by Tom (Outsiders, Stormwatch) Raney and colorist Nanjan Jamberi

Ladies and germs, this is officially Tom Raney 2.0! He has leveled-up here with his striking visuals and crisp storytelling. From the huddled dirty shanty town where we start, to the Greek God-inspired home of Zeus and company to the insidious hydra and the bone rattling battle that ensues, is some of the best action packed excitement that I’ve seen Tom drop on us! The Gods don’t look like the traditional white robe wearing sun drenched heroes of marble. They have a super hero look that works well, especially when they transform into a “fighting form.”

We’re also treated to a short introduction story of Sears’ GIANTKILLER series. A Lone Wolf & Cub-ish tale of a man with the sword that can and will kill a God protecting a young girl who’s harboring a secret. All the art is done by Bart himself, that — a long with the main story here — gives you MORE than enough comic goodness for your $4. This is the first of three new series from OMINOUS PRESS via IDW where the Dread Lord OMNI rules over the 7 known worlds! Tons of action and adventure await us!  I for one have been waiting these past two decades, and I couldn’t be any happier with this first chapter! 4/5 Docked Points For Waiting For Issue #2.

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