DYING LIGHT 2 [E3 2019]: Fright Knight.

“Sister” Sarah G

DYING LIGHT 2 (Techland Publishing/Square Enix – PS4/X1/PC – 2020) – Picture it. You’re living in a city where the environment is beyond repair, people have divided into factions, and the water is about to run out. No, I’m not talking about California in 2019, but District 2 in the immersive world of Dying Light 2..

Set 15 years after the original game ended, the world has gotten darker and the plight more dire– all good for you as a player, of course, since Techland brings in new techniques, abilities, and mechanics.

There’s an interactive component to DL2, so the choices you make as you go through the story all influence the outcome. Stay and help a friend or chase a foe, and your story goes a completely different way. Because of this and the various side missions, it is playable multiple times and would be a different experience each time.

Visually, the game is even more stunning than the original. The cities blend aspects of our modern monoliths with the vibes of medieval fortresses, making your characters modern knights in an apocalyptic wasteland.

As always, the undead are there, hiding in abandoned buildings and dark corners, just biding their time until the sun goes down and they can come out to play. More city interaction, beefed-up parkour abilities (and a paraglide) and enhanced UV light mechanics help you master your surroundings.


Reveal wise, Techland did a great job showing off their game, despite the lack of hands-on gameplay at E3.. again. The new interactive features were shown off and the presenters were enthusiastic and sold their product– and their comfy seats, open bar and welcoming environment didn’t hurt.

If you like survival games, dig a post-apocalyptic storyline, or want a game with excellent visuals, Dying Light 2 seems like it’s definitely worth adding to your “to buy” list. 4/5 Bibles.

-Sarah Obloy

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