E3 ’14 [Preview]: Playing…The Waiting Game.


It is with a broken heart that I must inform you that The Elder Scrolls Online has been delayed for its console release date. If you do not have a PC, you will not be able to join your loyal Templar on any quests throught the vast lands of Tamriel or the battlefields of Cyrodiil (insert frowny face here). If you don’t know about this game or how truly amazeballs it is, then check out my review. As for the reason for the delay, Bethesda had this to say…

“We continue to work on the console versions of ESO, and game development has been progressing steadily, but we are still working to solve a series of unique problems specific to those platforms. Integrating our systems with each console manufacturer’s networks — which are both different from the PC/Mac system as well as different from each other-has been a challenging process. It has become clear that our planned June release of the console versions isn’t going to be possible. Though we have made great progress, we have concluded that we’ll need about six months to ensure we deliver the experience our fans expect and deserve.”

Ah, but fear not loyal congregants, for Bethesda is not one to disappoint fans without at least a little recompense. If you purchase ESO for PC/Mac by the end of this June, when the game releases on consoles in roughly six months, you can purchase a digital version for just $20.00! But wait, there’s more! That includes one month of game time, a $15.00 value! So you basically get the console version for just five bucks! (Damn, I should get a job for the home shopping network…) Unfortunately it is not clear if your characters from PC/Mac will be transferred to the console version– although, most likely not..

The Elder Scolls Online: Console Edition has been delayed for “at least 6 months.”


This just in– well, okay, it was news just over a week ago, and we’ve had shit to do! — Euro gaming site Gamereactor had sources that Ubisoft‘s prizewinner from least year’s E3 could be delayed til…2016!!??!?

“The Division is without a doubt one of the most ambitious game projects of all time and our publisher has naturally realized this. We’ve been given increased resources, we’re hiring lots at the moment and are given a lot of help from other Ubisoft teams which is going to be needed if we are to deliver a finished game by next fall. Sadly I still think that the date is a tad bit optimistic as we still don’t have a functioning game and still have massive problems making our multiplayer component work at the concept stage…”

GR‘s anonymous source — clearly an external developer — also expressed grief with the publisher when developing studio, Massive, was blindsided by all the release promise jargon last year.

“It felt like being punched in the face to be perfectly honest. At the end of the day we don’t want to do a Battlefield 4 and release an unfinished game. There’s too much potential in the concept that is The Division at the moment, that we’ve asked for more time and resources in order to fully realize this fantastic vision.”

With this news, does this mean The Division can be the only game to ever win “Best in Show” 2-years in a row?

2014’s E3 — Electronic Entertainment Expo — will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 10-12.

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