E3 2016 [The Bible Scale, Day 1]: Dawn of ‘Injustice’.

In our special #E32016 Edition of The Bible Scale, we begin GHG’s ranking of the games focused and played on Day One (Tuesday).


4 Bibles.









“Apostle” Lance Paul

INJUSTICE 2 (NetherRealm/WB Interactive – PS4, X1 – 2017) – GameSpot’s live E3 stage had Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon on to talk about his next gen fighting game, Injustice 2. To start off, this game has improved leaps and bounds from the prior edition–despite how awesome the first one was. The gameplay shown included Superman, Supergirl, Aquaman, Batman, General Grodd, and Red Lantern Atrocitus.

The biggest add-on to the game shown was the games new gear system. Ed revealed that the new DC fighting game will feature loot drops and gear, win or lose, that can alter your character’s appearance and make your character stronger. “There’s a moulding so to speak, as you keep getting gear you keep deciding if you want to use it and if you want to focus on offense or defense or enhance certain moves or unlock certain moves.”

(cont.) The game footage went through a range of different armor choices for most the characters, and showed the ability to change armor colors. For instance, if you want Red Crimson Sun Superman you can create it. We also got a glimpse of some of the characters’ “fatalities” which have definitely improved from the first.

The only downsides I watched sitting through this otherwise enjoyable experience: Aquaman looked like an extra from a gay porn video like you see on the fuckedgay website here, and Superman looked like he had just come off of a creatine bender — all bloated in blue velour. From the little bit of cutscenes shown, we can assume that Superman is still in power and Batman is still trying to stop his friend from ruling the world.

3.75 BIBLES.











“Apostle” Lance Paul

LEGO DIMINESIONS: WAVE 6 EXPANSION (Traveller’s Tales/WB Interactive – PS4, X1 – September 30) – Witches, Gremlins and E.T. oh my! After numerous rumors and leaks it has finally been made official about all the new characters and adventures coming to the LEGO world: Sonic the Hedgehog, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, E.T., Gremlins, Goonies, Beatlejuice, etc. The new expansion packs will release on September 30th with additional new releases stretching all through the summer of next year.

(cont.) Although I was in the Disney Infinity fan club, call me impressed. For starters, I love how immersive and collector happy this game is. In just the second year of content WB is not making you go out of your way to buy a whole new system. Yes–you heard it–all you have to do is buy one of the new expansion packs and it updates your current system for the new characters and a new multi-battle arena with full game modes. I was able to get my hands on one, “Capture the Flag”. It was a ton of fun, as I skydived onto Harry Potter’s Quidditch field as Finn from Adventure Time and outraced E.T. and one of the new lady Ghostbusters to capture a flag. Also, those lucky to see the footage and gameplay at E3 received a Green Arrow exclusive lego fig for the new game.

Note: Bible score is leveled on a 1-5 scale, based on how we felt about the E3 video and/or demo impressions of the game. Subject to change upon release.

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