E3 2016 [The Bible Scale, Day 2]: History Channel.

In today’s special #E32016 Edition of The Bible Scale, GHG ranks the games focused and played on Day Two (Wednesday).


4 Bibles.









"Monsignor" Moody @TravMoody
“Monsignor” Moody

FOR HONOR (Ubisoft – PS4, X1, PC – February 14, 2017) – Of the impressive slate of Ubisoft titles to showcase at the Expo this year, For Honor was the one I got to play the most. It was also the title that most surprised me. Strange.. because, last E3, I was able to tangle with YouTuber Angry Joe in a rather simple, oft-frustrating multiplayer setting as a knight.

We fast forward one year later, and I’m still the same bloody knight–just much more textured, more responsive, and, most importantly, by my bloody self. For Honor‘s campaign was easily one of my highlights of E3

(cont.) While the game’s clear-cut focus is still on its rather plodding and extra brutal combat, there was far more cinematic experiences that came into play than expected. The narrative isn’t going to win any kind of Golden Globe noms or anything, but it was certainly suitable enough to set the stage for bigger things to come.

More importantly, every fight–be it with the sword and shield, or lumbering axe–felt real and heavily rewarding; as the usual hack-and-slash button-mashing will absoutely not work in this game. It takes the proper stance, reading your opponent’s stance, and well-timed blocks to push throughout the battlefields.

3.75 Bibles.








"Monsignor" Moody @TravMoody
“Monsignor” Moody

WATCH DOGS 2 (Ubisoft – PS4, X1, PC – November 15, 2017) – While the score might only show 3.75 Bibles up above, don’t get the wrong impression: I’m excited as fuck for Watch Dogs 2.

That’s a statement I didn’t think I was ever going to make based on the strength of the original. The one thing the first game did have going for it was setting the stage for a better sequel. From the dev diary and the trailers, WD2 is everything I ever wanted to happen for this game.

Having played roughly 20-minutes yesterday behind the Ubisoft booth, I can tell geeks having any doubts to chill: there’s far more life to everything to the world of Watch Dogs 2. People are doing more, the insides of buildings are no longer just cardboard boxes, pallets and crates, and the whole effin’ Yay Area map is twice the size of The Chi.

(cont.) Marcus Holloway is such a cool, smooth criminal, with a now floating “Force” extension of hacking abilities right from the palm of his celly. The extra hacking gadgets (mini copter drone and a jumping mini scooter drone) are sweet, too. And, thankfully and ever-so-broodingly trenhcoatless, our protagonist can now rock any type of fashion to your liking. Thugster.

Although I wasn’t able to peep Silicon Valley, Oakland or much more than Pier 39 at the Fisherman’s Wharf during my brief hands-on time yesterday, it’s pretty easy to see that the diverse locations of the Bay are going to be fun as hell to explore–so long as you allow yourself to deviate from the linear quests every now and then. Like the best part of GTA, mess with every car; mess with everybody; and start some shit, hacking style.

That notion becomes even more thrilling when co-op multiplayer comes into action. No longer does that portion of the game feel like a detached annoyance, as fellow DedSec hackers can help you infiltrate rival gangs and accomplish missions tied into the story’s overall arc. It’s a big change that should hopefully make the entire Watch Dogs experience that much more fulfilling.

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