E3 2016 [The Bible Scale, Day 3]: Master of Fists.

In today’s special #E32016 Edition of The Bible Scale, GHG ranks the games focused and played during the Expo’s waning hours on Day Three (Thursday).


4 Bibles.









Richard “Bishop” Zom @eyebzombie

TEKKEN 7 (Bandai Namco – X1, PS4, PC – TBA Q1 2017) – Many fighting games have come out smoking the scene, but leave it to Tekken 7 to extinguish all hype for Injustice 2 and even Street Fighter V.. ahem.. DLC.

Bandai Namco has hit the drawing board and revamped a new vision for its most famed series, with full integration of the Unreal 4 Engine. Early impressions of Tekken 7‘s vivid graphics, crisp as a knife, appear to beat out the muggy dark shades of Mortal Kombat X; while fight mechanics, smooth as the days of liquor store Arcade cabinets, don’t need to rely on any flashy fatilities to ham up the fanbase.

There’s a new Rage button!

Best for last, my fellow gaming family, be ready to fight as Street Fighter‘s Akuma in all his dark villain badassness and move-set! I cannot wait for ministry shit-talking mofos to gather the defeat of dying 1000 deaths. Let’s also hope we see some gnarly collector’s editions of this game.

3.25 Bibles.








Richard “Bishop” Zom @eyebzombie

PAC-MAN 256 (3 Sprockets/Bandai Namco – X1, PS4, PC – June 21) – Hopping off the fire of Tekken 7 (just above), Bandai Namco is keeping the quirky gaming release skillet hot.

First off, Pac-Man 256 — homage title to the infamous glitch screen from Classic Pac-Man’s 255th level — won “Best Mobile iOS/Android Game of 2015” and is now, ever thankfully, getting ported over to The Big 3. The game plays with all the classic elements of the 2D continuous top-down scroller, plus new power up features: lasers, fire, tornados etc.

Playing the game, your Bishop had the feels of classic arcade Tron-meets-Nintendo’s Paperboy. For a $7.99 digital download, it’s so worth the nostalgia. (3/5 Cherries)

TALES OF BERSERIA (3 Sprockets/Bandai Namco – PS4, PC – TBA Q1 2017) – Who of the open world Japanese RPG gaming fandom isn’t stoked for a great 3D anime art-styled, Dreamcast-era looking RPG!? (Best I could simplify this gameĀ for any n00b to the RPG genre.)

Gamers will enjoy TOB‘s ranking up layout for weapons, power ups, and team building, the latter of which you can control 4 players simultaneously. Even better, you can swap between several strikingly different characters and mesh together combos that should help you during Tales‘ biggest of battles.

If you’re a fan of an El Shaddai or the upcoming Attack On Titan game (also on display at E3 this year) this will be well worthy of your gaming collection, especially with the promise of an epic limited collector’s edition of the game. With promise of an epic scope set 100s of years before Tales of Zesteria, let’s hope for an artbook and soundtrack, too–all the more likely through playasia.com. (3.5/5 Manga)

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