E3 2016 [The Bible Scale, Day 3]: ReBore.

In today’s special #E32016 Edition of The Bible Scale, GHG ranks the games focused and played during the Expo’s waning hours on Day Three (Thursday).


4.5 Bibles.








“Monsignor” Travis Moody @TravMoody

FORZA HORIZON 3 (Turn 10/Microsoft – XBox One – September 27) – Being the massive Forza Motorsport fan I am (it’s one of the few games I consistently find the time to play), I was interested in the hype swirling the franchise’s latest edition of its open world/festival music enthused racing series. But before I get into all the goodies, allow the Monsignor to make an announcement that’s going to make your eyes glisten with excitement: There will be custom soundtracks in FH3! That’s right; for the first time in a long time, players can listen to their own crazy tunes (or, a far more diverse set of pre-programmed radio stations) as they race and cruise around the varied, natural wonder of “the world down under”.

(cont.) Now, as festival boss–as opposed to playing as FH2‘s determined rook–you can also customize and even create, using the new Horizon Blueprint feature, your own events. Turn 10’s Community Manager Brian Ekberg promised FH3 will be “the very best social experience in racing,” in addition to 4-player co-op for every mode. Gearheads will also be excited for some slick, new cosmetic additions: wide body kits (via Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny), new rims, new appropriated license plates, new horns, and even the new ability to change character gender and appearance. I’ve never played Forza’s Horizon series before, and it’s hard to imagine having to wait another 3 months to get my first chance.

2 Bibles.








“Monsignor” Travis Moody @TravMoody

RECORE (Comcept/ Armature/Microsoft – XBox One – September 13) – Lines to play ReCore at E3 this week were as daunting as the new Legend of Zelda (maybe for the gameplay, but likely for the shirt). The newest action/adventure platformer from the creative team of Metroid: Prime and Mega Man (Keiji Inafune) sorta plays like its predecessors too, which does it more disservice than warm welcome. In the ReCore demo witnessed behind closed doors there wasn’t much exploration ala Prime, but the dash-and-blast style of battle from MM is there–though matching your color blast to the color of the enemy seems quite juvenile. I just don’t know if I care to rip out droid orbits for 8-12 hours–which isn’t all that much time for a $60 game in the first place. Hey, not even the cutest robot pooch alive can save that.


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