E3:16 – Despite its abundant “Rock Star” absences, the show must go on!

John told us long ago that eternal life will be granted for those who believe. The same can be said with the world’s most prestigious video game conference. So long as there’s an E3, there’ll be more than enough games that your nacho-cheesed thumbs can handle. Sure, the “flake” list of game developing and publishing clergymen is getting thinner by the day, but that doesn’t mean next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will be a total miss.

Let’s take a look at our friends who decided to skip on their annual visit to the L.A. Convention Center, and why their absent words (June 4-7) won’t be so harmful to the flock:

Blizzard – You know, a homeless fella told me the other day he thought the world of.. oh, this little game you may have heard of called Diablo III. To put, Blizzard’s presence wouldn’t make any sense.

Bungie: They don’t make Halo anymore, so why do we care? Only if the Microsoft-exclusive Destiny makes any noise will the people notice once again, and the whispers in the wind tell me we’re a ways away from that.

Irrational: Not an entirely “irrational” move to push back the presentation of Bioshock Infinite, but certainly the most heartbreaking. Since Bioshock’s sequel was about as good as the Star Wars prequels, who could blame the developer for taking a little bit of extra time with something so precious.

Some "expo" this is.

Rock Star: The incredibly awesome Max Payne 3 was released just a couple weeks ago. Grand Theft Auto V – slated for October — is more than likely getting pushed back. But maybe their “big splash” is bringing us some of those zesty energy drinks. That, I can dig.

Valve – With their wondrous puzzle platform Portal 2 – undeniably one of the best co-op games ever – released just before last year’s Comic Con, the company made their presence felt at trade shows across the board. But if they’re not coming to E3, that can only mean they’re far away from a Half-Life 3 release. Bummer.

Parishioners, tune-in with us the rest of the week, as I’ll be joined by the lovely Marlina Moreno to cover even more of E3!

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