E3ODUS [E3 2017 Preview]: Detroit – Become Human.

“Dynast” Dana Keels
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DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN (Quantic Dream/SCE – PS4 – TBA) – The studio that brought you the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream, is back at it again with Detroit: Become Human. Renowned for crafting games with an intense dramatic experience, QD has kept the deets pretty scarce. What do we know so far? That two playable characters have been confirmed. The first being Kara, an android attempting to blend into human society; and then there’s Connor, a cop with cybernetic enhancements who basically acts as a bladerunner (running down rogue androids that pose a threat to humans). Judging by Quantic Dream’s previous entries, there’ll no doubt be a myriad of interesting moral decisions as the narrative progress through the game.

A huge part of Heavy Rain’s gameplay was predicated on Quick-Time events that, while exciting at first, became a trudge during later parts of the game. Taking a page from their predecessors, there’s no doubt that Detroit will have a few different paths to chose from. Like HR and Beyond: Two Souls, depending on your choices in the game you could reveal new elements that — in your previous playthrough — you may have never witnessed. But, ultimately, despite clear replay value, the endings never differed too much. Hopefully this will truly feel like the player’s decisions can have a legit bearing on where the narrative will end up.

The PlayStation E3 Media Showcase is set for 6 p.m. PT on Monday, June 12. You can catch all the action on Twich and the PlayStation Network.

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