E3ODUS [E3 2017 Preview]: The Last of Us, Part II.

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THE LAST OF US, PART II (Naughty Dog/SCE – PS4 – 2018) – Naughty Dog has always been a strong developer for Sony from Crash to Jak and Uncharted to The Last of Us original. This year we hope to see some new footage of the sequel at E3, maybe even gameplay! The original TLOU –released in June 2013 for PS3 and later in July 2014 as the remastered version — was both a commercial and critical success, which led ND to develop a sequel PS4 owners will love; just more ammo in the console fanboy war that the PlayStation is already dominating. The origin was a heart-pounding, suspenseful, thrilling, ultra-violent and even heartfelt story.

There are few details about TLOU2 so far, but if we get more of the same legendary ND quality there is no doubt Sony will have another killer app. What we have seen is the 5-minute cinematic preview released last year, where Ellie claims to Joel she will “kill them all”. Who are “they” and why is Ellie so pissed (perhaps because they want to sacrifice her to science and keep trying to kill her)? There is no violence in the video — just the aftermath of what we assume Ellie did to her aggressors, blood stains and all. While the previous TLOU‘s DLC let you play as Ellie, it was mostly stealth gameplay. Now that she’s older, hopefully she will be playable along with Joel and have full assortment of brutal ways to take down clickers and Fireflies. No matter what, PS owners are coming out on top again.

The PlayStation E3 Media Showcase is set for 6 p.m. PT on Monday, June 12. You can catch all the action on Twich and the PlayStation Network.

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