E3ODUS [E3 2018 Preview]: Bayonetta 3.

Richard “Bishop” Zom

BAYONETTA 3 (PlatinumGames/Nintendo – Switch – TBA) – Since exploding out the gate, PlatinumGames has been successfully and ever so majestically come out hacking and slashing with their famed underdog action series, Bayonetta. While you can play both titles right now on the Switch, let’s go over how we got here in the first place. Vanilla Bayonetta introduced us to a femme-fatale that took the reigns in the footstep style of Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, and packed the visual creativity of Final Fantasy and old school PS title The Bouncer.

This gothica future world of fantasy folklore re-summons an umbra witch (Cereza) Bayonetta to take down the summing of evil (Jubileus) in their plan to take over and destroy existence. That’s part 1 of the gaming series in a nutshell. Additionally, Cereza suffers from amnesia the whole course of the game as she learns more of her own identity and purpose. (Can you say Jason Bourne?) Bayonetta 2 witnessed our heroine confront evil once more in the form of Gomorrah — not Thanos’ precious warrior daughter turned Galactic Guardian, but — a demonic dragon that escaped a hell portal (cue Ghostbuster theme) to right the wrongs of her mother’s murder all the while recovering more pieces of her identity.

Don’t… shoot.

Beyond being announced and teased at the 2017 TGA’s, Bayonetta 3 — a game the creators Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya have promised to be “crazier, better, tight” — this Bishop would love a surprise plot course that dips its structure into more traditional folklore. Say, how about a crossover that shoots in-depth into the Van Helsing/Simon Belmont route, or, better yet, take Cereza through the rebirth of Blood Rayne (Mary Gallo)? A femme-fatale duo kicking supernatural butt would force me to get a Switch, no doubt! While this all sweetly sounds cliche, it’s not as if a witch and vampire siding to fight apes anything done in the previous entires. Hell–and we mean hell–you could even have Dante cameo as an ally.

-Richard Pearson

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