E3ODUS [E3 2018 Preview]: Code Vein.

“Monsignor” Travis Moody

CODE VEIN (Bandai Namco Studios – PS4, X1, PC – September 28) – If you love anime and Bloodborne/Dark Souls and need to see both mashed into one.. thing, you’re in heaven. This Fall players will take control of the Revenant, with the purpose of a search for more Blood Veils that can help tackle the worst of the worst, the strongest of attackers in all of anime gamedom…

Yeah, this one won’t be easy folks. But if you’ve already been “gettin’ gud” for years with From Software’s brand of controller-smashers, then Code Vein should be nothin’ but another stroll through the darkest, most unforgiving one-on-one battles imagined. Aww.. crap.

Of course, you always have a chance to advance so long as your little vampire society can create new abilities from the Veils of defeated enemies, and manage to perfect a variety of weapon techniques along with an assortment of signature spells. “The world needs more blood beads!” Yikes. Stay woke — and never sleep — with Hiroshi Yoshimura‘s (God Eater) forthcoming hardcore fantasy this fall.

-Travis Moody

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