E3ODUS [E3 2018 Preview]: Rage 2.

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RAGE 2 (id Software/Avalanche Studios/Bethesda Softworks – PS4, Xbox One and PC – 2019) – Bethesda’s sequel to the open world FPS, Rage, released its first gameplay trailer and it actually didn’t suck! The original Rage wasn’t exactly a runaway hit with many people finding the game too dark and the end underwhelming. Truth be told, the combat was awesome and the feel of the game was fairly cool but id Software’s game itself was lacking some depth. The story kinda fell off halfway through the game and was pretty linear.

Based on the teaser and new in-game footage, Avalanche Studios (Mad Max) seems to have set out to fix some of these issues. No one can say this looks dark. Rage 2 looks as though a punk rock unicorn vomited all over Mad Max and I’m here for it. You play as Walker, “the last Ranger of the wasteland” who has been left for dead and sets out to fight for “justice and freedom” against the tyrannical Authority.

Like the first Rage you will have access to upgrade-able weapons, nanotrite powers and overdrive. It will also feature even more vehicles than the previous game with the rules of “if you see it, you can drive it.” So prepare for more of the fun car combat from the original. Rage 2 also offers co-op gaming but I’m still unsure of how id/Avalanche will handle the mode based on the clips.

Come E3 I’m sure I’ll get all my questions and concerns about world maps, side missions and co-op gaming answered. Until then it looks like Rage 2‘s glimpse inside it’s post apocalyptic shooter-verse is one filled with big fucking guns, vehicles galore and a kick ass soundtrack to blow shit up to. Although no one asked for this sequel, its poised to bring few complaints come its release in 2019.

-Jenn Casals

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