E3ODUS [E3 Preview]: Death Stranding.

“Sister” Sarah G

DEATH STRANDING (Kojima Productions/Sony – PS4 – TBA) – I’ve been excited for this game ever since it was announced at E3 in 2016 with a teaser trailer, and 2 subsequent ones, that have been watched and picked apart many times.

Featuring Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus, the 3 previews/elongated teasers/mindf***$ depict all sorts o’ crazy things (hello, baby in an esophagus) and hint at a setting in the future where our world and ecosystem are failing, infants gestate outside the womb, and nothing is as it seems.

With nothing to go on but the trailers and confusing descriptions from its creator Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid), Death Stranding is arguably the most enticing Sony game at E3 2018. One rumor that has come in recent days is that of yet another famous actor, Diane Kruger. She wore in a photo on her Gram the same mo-cap outfit that Norman had previously been caught in, had been praising her producer as well as received merch from Kojima. Yeah, that’s not totally ironic or anything…

Maybe the funniest thing to come out of this PS4 exclusive’s leaks so far has been Kojima admitting the complications of (everything in) Death Stranding. “I started explaining a year ago to the team what I wanted to make– no one got it.” With a game he also promised “death will never pull us out of”, I wonder if we ever will. The game will utilize Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s Decima engine one of the most anticipated games that Sony promises to “deep dive” into Monday night at its most-anticipated E3 press conference.

Finally. We think?

-Sarah Obloy

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