EARTH 2 / DREDD – UNDERBELLY [Reviews]: Oh, the In’MUTANT’ity…

  • Inhumanity #2 – Black Bolt is dead again; Medusa is a widow again; this used to be called Inhumanity: Medusa (but was changed to Inhumanity #2 for some reason); Matt Fraction was supposed to continue this two-parter for Marvel with the looming Inhuman ongoing, but left the book (Last month he was quoted as saying, “nobody wins with me writing a book I don’t want to write”) and now it’s to be written by Charles Soule — and that’s the opening for this review. And that’s pretty much all there is to it. There are ideas put in place here that don’t seem out of the ordinary. There are ideas that seem to have been touched on countless other places before (and in other stories, hell, even in Robert Kirkman’s Inhumans 2099 one-shot). Once it starts to pick-up, one it starts to get good, it gets over with. Pretty much immediately. And then we get a one page ad for Inhuman #1 by Soule and Joe Madureira and that’s that. Harumph. 2/5 (Once it got good, it was starting to go somewhere, but everything before that was just fluff and wasted space).
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30 – To start, this is very subdued art by Ross Campbell (not watching someone get ripped to pieces by Glory is a change of pace). It’s a lovely book, no doubt about it, and it pulls at the heartstrings. The Turtles are rebuilding after their most recent big event book (City Fall!) and everyone is on the mend. Mikey’s writing a letter to Dirk Wood, Leo is talking to his ghost mom, Donnie is trying to do science stuff on a farm, and Raph is being his regular kickass self. Reminiscent of the scenes on the farm from the first Turtles movie, this is a great single issue (tied into a larger arc). 4/5 (Easily would have been five had it been an actual single issue story with no tie-in to anything else).

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