ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE [Review]: Welcome to the Front.


Tamriel is massive and you are just one little pawn in an army of unmeasurable size. Now that you feel special, let’s talk about making friends. I know this is a new concept for some of us but to survive this game it is a necessity. Even if you’re not in the multiplayer warzone of Cyrodiil and just adventuring against computer bots (what we geeks call PVE aka Player vs. environment), you won’t last long going it alone. Why? Because this game is HARD!

Miss that note, every time.
Miss that note, every time.

The enemies you face travelling along through the many lands of Tamriel are not just going to fall before you like your some sort of super hero because you’re not. Like I said, you’re a pawn.

Yes, you have awesome magic and fighting abilities, but so does every single character you will face (mudcrabs don’t count). Unless you grind out hours of gameplay just killing baddies that are less than your equal to level up you’re going to have a hard time advancing alone. Take on two enemies that are the same level as you and –unless you have figured out some sorta mindblowing strategy — your dead. Try to take on bosses that are even one or two levels below you and, well, you’re dead.

You will die a lot.

Then you will die some more.

So make some friends and help each other out. Even if you don’t make friends, help other people if you see them in a bind. Follow someone through a dungeon and kill stuff together. You don’t even have to talk to the person because you’re on the same team… for now.


And now the moment you have all been waiting for, the primary reason to buy this game.. The very reason ESO is placed above all other MMO’s in the history of gamingPlayer vs. Player (PvP) warfare! When I say warfare, I mean straight up legitimate thousands of players fighting each other at the same time on a three way battlefield that is about the same size as the map of Skyrim. If you’re not drooling with anticipation yet, congregants, just wait… it gets better!

Eff an Eco-terrorist?
Eff an Eco-terrorist?

Cyrodiil is the setting for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and is the center of the three-way Alliance War. In the story mode, all three factions have their own special lands to explore and conquer without having to worry about other players messing up their day. When you get to Cyrodiil though, it’s a whole other ball game.

The country starts off divided into three equal sections and the game is on at that point. The objective is to control the Imperial City in the center of the map; although it’s nowhere near as easy as just placing a bunch of players there and holding it. You have to hold forts and resources around it while holding off the enemy from taking over your bases. Strategy is key here and all players need to work together and communicate (hence the importance of friends). Players can’t go solo because, well, nobody does. The first time you try that you’re dead as soon as an enemy patrol catches you. When you join a Cyrodiil instance, you’re there for 3 months! That’s how long it takes for each instance to end, crowning the victorious team with an emperor.

After that it starts all over again. That might sound like a long time, but with all there is that you have to do, not really. The key objectives to capture are forts, food, wood, and mines. These give your army bonuses while fighting.

Even better is a capture the flag type gameplay where you are rushing to capture… ELDER SCROLLS! If a team holds a scroll in one of their shrines, you and your teammates need to try and take the areas around it. Then, you need to grab the scroll and make it back to one of your own shrines. Successfully doing so will grant your team different types of abilities like health or magic increases. These abilities will help you out tremendously when trying to take down the enemies forts. (Cont. on next page…)

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