ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE [Review]: Welcome to the Front.


You and your teammates have just fought through fifty enemies to reach the gates of an enemy fort. Looming before you are giant walls with archers on the parapets. What do you do? Buy some siege engines and knock them on their ass, that’s what!

Breakfast is coming!
Breakfast is coming!

When you complete missions and kill enemies in Cyrodiil, you are awarded with alliance point. Alliance points are like gold except represented as little green gems. These points let you purchase all sorts of goodies used in the Alliance war like gear and, the coup de grace, siege engines. These little beauties come in different forms like trebuchets, catapults and scorpions. For some extra points you can give them elemental damage too.

Imagine yourself standing on the walls of a keep. You look out and see fifty different siege weapons toting magical abilities like electricity and fire getting ready to pound you to dust. Then all at once they begin firing turning your little safe haven into a giant crater. Yeah– that’s an hourly occurrence while you’re playing this game.

Once all the forts around Imperial City have been captured, the teams fight for control of the Ruby throne. This launches the largest three army battles you have ever seen in a game. The team that captures the city then gets to crown a player emperor, granting him or her unique abilities that last forever (even after they are overthrown a few hours later).

Inside Cyrodiil there are also PvE missions that can be undertaken by a team. Take caution though, these missions are extremely difficult but well worth the rewards. The unique gear you can obtain comes in very handy when you’re facing off against more experienced players — oh, those forty-year old guys that never had a job and live in moms’ basement. More of these missions will become available as time goes on, and let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a great game that never ends.



If one of your questions is “How does this game compare to Skyrim?”, then hold it right there partner! Both games are amazing in their own right, but comparing them to each other isn’t possible. Skyrim is a stand-alone game with absolutely no multiplayer. It is also A LOT smaller than ESO. Obviously designed. The gameplay, interfaces, and many other aspects are all different. Yet if you have played any Elder Scrolls game (there were many more before Skyrim, believe it or not, all played by yours truly) then you will feel right at home the first time you jump into Elder Scrolls Online. Hell, this game is the reason I built my supercharged PC over a year ago.

This game, as it is right now, before any expansions, graphics updates, texture packs or other add-ons, stands as my single favorite game of all time. “Did he really just say that”! You bet your Aunt Bitty’s homemade mustard I did. This game has pushed Zelda: Ocarina of Time into second place as far as this humble Templar Knight is concerned. Looking at what this game is now and seeing what it can and will become leaves a tear of sheer happiness quietly rolling down my cheek. If that statement alone doesn’t make you want to buy this game then I don’t know what will, but if you’re an Elder Scrolls, MMO or single player RPG fan, this is a game you can’t miss.

5 Bibles.
5 Bibles.







Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Online out now for PC, and set for release in June for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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