EMPIRE of the DEAD / DEADLY CLASS / DEAD BODY ROAD [Reviews]: …On Arrival


Breakfasting Bad.

I’m guessing a lot of reviews will talk about how this is a great action movie in comic form. Let’s shoot that bag of bullshit down right now. This is a great action comic, period. The first page of Issue 2 picks up where we last left off, with main character Orson tidying up after the events that capped off that first chapter in this story of murder, theft, and revenge. From there we jump straight back into full-on action as we are introduced to Rachel, see her meet Orson, and witness two more bad guys who get introduced to a big old can of whupass. The violence is elegant here, with some of the best fight scenes this side of a Sam Peckinpah film.

Wait, I just did the movie thing.

Anyway, Matteo Scalera, the new hardest working man in comics, who is already killing it monthly on Black Science, turns in another stellar showing — going rougher, for the dirty desert setting.

Justin Jordan (The Legend of Luther Strode) continues to craft a fast paced story. His Dead Body Road is a page turner of a comic, a high adrenaline thrill-ride that starts slow, runs hot and ends high, wetting the appetite for more. Like a damn good comic book should, it leaves you breathlessly waiting for next month to hurry the hell up and get here already.

4 (out of 5) Shotgun Revenge Bibles.

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