EVOLVE 107 [Review]: The Roof Is On Fire?

“Pastor” Shawn Puff

Dominic Garrini w/ Stokely Hathaway v Josh Briggs
This one was hard hitting to start the night out. Briggs was very much over with the Melrose crowd. I guess that’s why he was sold out of his large and xl shirts before the intermission. A rather short match with a great finish that probably could have gone on for a few more minutes, but it served it’s purpose to get the crowd hot to start the night. 3/5

Josh Briggs

After the match Stokely Hathaway told Briggs he had everything he needed to be successful, except.. him. He then handed him a Catch Point contract and said all he needed to do was sign it. Josh took the contract and left the ring without giving an answer.

Speaking of getting the crowd hot…
Adrian Alonis with the Skulk v BSHP King
Alonis comes out with the Skulk and about 30 seconds into their entrance, the fire alarm goes off. I was actually worried that they were going to have to evacuate and then try to get everyone back in to get it going again, but since nobody in he crowd moved, I figured might as well join in on the “BURN IT DOWN!” chants. After a little bit of mayhem and confusion, along with the Skulk blaming the ring announcer for the mishap and starting their own “The roof is on fire” chant, they got the mics working again and the alarm shut off and things back on track. King came out and told the crowd that he pulled the alarm to draw some heel heat, which entirely unneeded. If you wear a Yankees hat to the ring anywhere around Boston, you can expect a “Yankees Suck!” chant along with a chorus of boos. This was an okay match from two newer faces in EVOLVE that earned an extra half a bible because they kept the crowd involved throughout the confusion. 2.5/5

Jarek 1:20

Darby Allin v Jarek 1:20 with Candy Cartwright
This one started out hot and guess what? The fire alarm went off again as it spilled to the arena floor. OK, no more fire alarm jokes. I promise. Despite this drawing the crowds attention from the match briefly, they kept it professional and continued on, seemingly unaware of the alarms existence. After a slow start, this one really picked up with a lot of high impact moves and near finishes. That damn fire alarm though. 3/5

Anthony Henry v Timothy Thatcher
A great match. Power and technical wrestler along with great selling for basically all that you could ask for in a good clean match. Definitely worth watching. 3.75/5

Joey’s surprise victory in Brooklyn.

Austin Theory cuts a promo before his scheduled match with DJZ and claims that his loss to Joey Janela for the WWN Championship last night at EVOLVE 106 was a fluke and that he’s still the face of WWN and the next WWE Champion. Joey Janela and Penelope Ford interrupt Theory and remind him that Janela is the new WWN Champion and can beat Theory anytime and that if Theory is as good as he says he is, he’ll add Janela to the match!! We’ve now got ourselves a triple threat folks!

FIP World Heavyweight Championship Match
Austin Theory (C) w Priscilla Kelly v DJZ v Joey Janela with Penelope Ford
This was the match of the night. Zema hit a tope con giro that landed him in the first row of the crowd. Janela hits suicide dives on both sides of the ring to the outside. Penelope Ford and Priscilla Kelly got involved with a top rope crossbody to the outside and a cannonball off the apron. And that’s not even spoiling this one. The action was consistent and fast and well worth the price of admission. 4/5


Jaka v John “Bad Bones” Klinger v Jon Davis v Saieve Al Sabah
This one had a little something for everybody. A good match that showcased four different styles in the ring. The ending might have been a little bit of a surprise… 2.5/5

Catch Point Rules
Chris Dickinson with Stokely Hathaway v “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams
Stokely Hathaway takes the mic and quickly breaks down the Catch Point Rules for this match. And as quickly as the bell rings, it’s over as Hot Sauce had no intentions of following Catch Point Rules. The rest of Catch Point comes out and attacks Hot Sauce. Josh Briggs comes out with contract in hand and makes the save for Williams. Williams calls out any and all members of Catch Point and says he wants a match on August 5th when EVOLVE returns to Melrose for 109. This wasn’t even really a match as much as it was an interlude to advance this feud and the storyline between the former leader of Catch Point and Hathaway’s crew, so I can’t even give it any bibles. NR

“The King of Bros” Matt Riddle

Evolve World Championship
AR Fox with the Skulk v Matt Riddle (C)
WOW! Brooooooo… If you haven’t watched these two wrestle, I don’t know what to tell you. Yes I do. Go back and watch all of their matches against each other. I know I’m going to. Not as much high risk stuff as the FIP Championship match, but easily it’s equal. Did you expect anything less from these two? Now only if that darn wellness policy allowed for smoking the cheba. 4/5

NXT North American Championship
WALTER v Adam Cole (C)
This was the one everyone wanted to see. Both of these guys were so over. It didn’t fail to deliver either. If you watched it live online, unfortunately, you didn’t get to see it. If it pops up somewhere in the future (WWE Network, Trips?), I highly recommend sitting down and giving it your time. Yet another very good match for WALTER and the Undisputed Star of NXT imto send the live crowd home more than satisfied. 3.75/5

EVOLVE 107 overall = 3.25/5 Bibles

-Shawn Puff

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