FAITHLESS / FAIRLADY [Comic Reviews]: Nochella.

“Sister” Savanna Leigh @SavannaDLeigh
FAIRLADY #1 – Image Comics

…I sit here wandering what I should say about Fairlady #1, by Brian Schirmer, Balboni and Louise, and to be honest I have no words. It sucked and that’s me putting it in the nicest way possible.

The story jumped around so much, that by the end of it I had no idea why we’re talking about a blue stone/skull; I was more interested in understanding how the cat finds clothes to fit and why the girl they are looking for looks like all the other basic b*$% at Coachella this weekend?…I’m not bitter about finding a $5 mug at Target that says “I can’t even” instead of listening to Billie at Coachella. Don’t worry.

Overall, the art is what’s saving this storyline. Illustrator, Claudia Balboni, and colorist, Marissa Louise, do a fantastic job bringing the characters off the page and the level of detail is noticed with each turn. The colors are vibrant and they fluctuate to set the different tones of the story. Very well done.

Now for the actual story…  Seems like they were trying to cram a ton of background into one issue; thus it caused for a lot of gaps and jumping around. It’s definitely not hard to feel confused most of the time. I did likd the idea of a “gender-swapped Magnum, P.I.”, but this just isn’t it. 2/5 Bibles, and that’s really just because I loved the illustration.

“Vestal” Colleen Vincent
FAITHLESS #1 – BOOM! Studios

Faithless #1 is a tale of sapphic sex magic, literally. This new title from BOOM! Studios bills itself as “an erotic depiction of faith, sex, and the devil in the tradition of the (Dante Alighieri’s) divine comedy”.

Written by Brian Azzarello (The Dark Knight III: The Master Race) and arrestingly rendered by Maria Llovet (Loud), this provocative creation is set in a contemporary time. The sexually frustrated protagonist, Faith is looking for something, anything out there, and attempts to connect to something greater via spell work. Her frustrations and efforts seem to lead to naught until a chance meeting with her very own manic panic pixie dream girl and something sexy, otherworldly, and possibly unholy begins to brew.

Alighieri’s poem is an epic journey through darkness into light, so this story has quite a way to go. The premise is intriguing but the characters themselves aren’t as compelling from the outset as they should be. However, this title is a gorgeous work of art, and worth it for the visual depictions alone. For readers looking for something with a literary horror flavor, pick this one up and see where it goes. 4/5 Bibles.

-Colleen Vincent

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