FORZA HORIZON 4 – LEGO SPEED CHAMPIONS [DLC Review]: (Almost) Everything is Awesome.

Felipe “The 3rd Deacon” Crespo

Mmmmm. More Forza Horizon is always a great thing. As some of you know, FH is not just my favorite racing series in gaming, it’s one of my favorite gaming franchises in general. Each new entry in the series somehow improves upon its predecessor, and this even extends to the different DLCs.

Following the same style of amazing/WTF fun delivered by Forza Horizon 3‘s 2017 Hot Wheels DLC, with LEGO Speed Champions we now get to race in a sectioned-off Lego paradise. Remember when you were a kid (or last week, I’m not judging) and racing your Lego cars along with the more realistic Hot Wheels? Get ready for some flashbacks with the best visual upgrade ever…

I won’t go over Forza Horizon 4‘s base game too much. It’s incredible, and for that, look up Travissio Mooderio’s review. The attention to detail in LEGO Speed Champions — egh, it should’ve been called LEGO Forza Horizon 4 though — is astounding. When you’re driving through a field of Lego flowers, you’ll hear the “clacking” noise of each one as they hit and slide along your hood. You’ll hear a similar noise when you’re driving slowly over Lego grass or other surfaces. When you use the POV inside the car? All you see are the bricks and you’ll even read the LEGO logo if it’s supposed to be there.

So why am I giving this DLC a “very good” score and not higher? As fun as it is, it always feels like there’s never enough races and there’s too much side activities to do (PR stunts, etc). It’s an odd imbalance that hasn’t been there in previous DLCs. This, I’ll admit, is nitpicking– yet it’s still a strange move for a Lego “game”: in your master builder area, as you unlock your house, garage, etc, they’re just air dropped. It’s weird and lame. I can’t be the only one who expected to see the buildings get rapidly built. And my biggest gripe! You only get three Lego cars. That’s it. Don’t @ me trying to correct me that it’s 5 cars (you get two “real” cars to mirror their Lego counterparts). That’s it. Three Lego cars. A Mini, a Ferrari, a McLaren. No Buggy, no muscle cars, no tuner… The paltry number is legitimately disappointment.

Watch your skull. Your home has arrived!

In closing, keep in mind that a 3.75 from a super fan like me would probably be a 4.5 from someone else, since they’re not as hard on the series as I am. That said, I highly recommend Lego Speed Champions to every Forza fan and Lego lover. I’m still having fun racing the McLaren and the Mini.

Talk to you later. Remember not to skip breakfast. Xoxo. 3.75/5 Lego Bibles.

-Felipe Crespo

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