FROM DUSK till DAWN [Season 2 Premiere Review]: Hot Bites.

If you geeky couch potatoes know me already, or have read all the TV scripture I’ve thrown at you over the years, then it won’t be a surprise that your Divine One is reporting in from the ATX Festival in Austin.

Oh wait….that was in June!

Let me explain. I’ve been sitting on my monkey paws since then, biting at the bit to lay out a review for the new From Dusk till Dawn. For me, being at ATX was like a Gamblers Anonymous member being in Vegas! The good folks from the El Rey Network were gracious enough to bring the first episode of Season 2 with them to the festival’s panel. The full cast was also in attendance and sat right in the middle of the theatre with all the rest of us other potatoes. Hell yippie kay ya yeah! It’s just a shame there was a catch (there’s always a catch!): the producers asked everyone to not blog/review about the ep until it premiered…

A couple months following the first season, we’re thrown right into it with Santanico (Eiza Gonzalez) and Ritchie (Zane Holtz) — a paired up bunch of culebra lovers — trying to take the Nine Lords down. Santanico wants nothing more than to go after the head of the group and new villain for this season, Lord Malvado (NYPD BluesEsai Morales): the man responsible for stealing her life and keeping her captive for so many years at the Titty Twister.

Meanwhile there’s Kate (Madison Davenport) and Seth (DJ Cotrona) who are still on the run in Mexico and just trying to avoid being arrested. The problem with that is… they still have to rob banks to get money for fake passports.

Quite the "Divine" Intervention.
Quite the “Divine” Intervention.

The difference with Season 2 this time around is that the show has to stand on its own reptile legs. They’ve had the outline of the original movie to get through the first season, but now the writers have to build on the mythology of the Culebra world. I, for one, was a big fan of the last season but am I little hesitant for Season 2? Yeah somewhat. But at the same time I’m eagerly waiting to see what more craziness they can come up with.

Also enjoyable, was the crusade they are giving Santanchie (Yes I shipped it!). Instead of making her a mere pretty face — and Lord knows its pretty — she is an admirably determined and scorned woman out for revenge. And poor Ritchie wants to love her and take care of her but she can’t lose focus. Hell yeah, let the roles be reversed. For once. The new season of FDTD is even displaying her capable compassion when infiltrating and thus freeing some of the captive women from one of the Nine Lords’ businesses.

Shouldn't have left my Facebook open.
Shouldn’t have left my Facebook open.

I’m not as sold on the Kate/Seth teamup. It seems like more of a cliché thing of possible future lovers on the run. But I’m gonna hold out and hope that isn’t what happens. I do like how Kate still has faith in her brother Scott (Brandon Soo Hoo) being alive while Seth is convinced Ritchie is gone.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for all the vampires getting killed and blood splattering violence. With Robert Rodriguez directing this episode (he did several of S1), and The Walking Dead‘s make-up badass, Greg Nicotero, on the crew, all the creatures looks outstandingly horrific. Yeah sometimes the acting and dialogue aren’t the best; but is truly anyone going to watch this show thinking an Emmy?! It’s a fun show with monsters snarling and guys shooting off pistols, while making references to B&W vintage movies. How does that not sound like a party?

3.75 (out of 5) Wooden Stakes.
3.75 (out of 5) Wooden Stakes.







From Dusk till Dawn airs on the El Rey Network every Tuesday at 9pm EST/PT.

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