GHG Presents… #GEEK SWAG RADIO [Podcast, Vol. 2]: Funky 4 +1.

Yo! It’s been a long time… we shouldn’t have left you…

That’s right. #GeekSwagRadio, Vol. 2 is finally here and it’s a very special “Tip-Off” edition, as GHG reviews the year’s most anticipated sports game, NBA 2K17. Meanwhile…

…your host (and audio engineer!) “Brother” Myke Ladiona, “Monsignor” Travis Moody and special guest — Milwaukee’s finest on the m-i-c — “Dukalion” Ahkil Este GET DOWN to the highly talked about said-and-sassy Netflix origin of hip-hop joint; stroll through Atlanta with FX’s latest endeavor into #GeekSwag; and offer up a special preview of the Luke Cage series on Netflix.

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Myke, Moody, Ahkil
Myke, Moody, Ahkil

Yes, our 2nd ep is certified DOPE! Don’t miss it!

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