GHG Presents… THE WILD BRUNCH [Podcast, S01E01]: The Drunken Colonial.

Listen up, Internet — are you ready to have your mind blown out of your ears by the sounds coming into them? Specifically the sound of two dudes talking? About movies?! Bet you never heard of a podcast like that before.

… You have? Because there are already several? Nearly every podcast is about that, you say.

Well, nearly every podcast like that doesn’t feature “The Vicar” ALEX GRADET and “Father” JOE TOWER. In fact almost none of them do, until now — introducing THE WILD BRUNCH with Alex and Joe.

"2 dope boys in a... Hatchbaaaaack."
“2 dope boys in a… Hatchbaaaaack.”

Here’s the idea: once a month or so, we (that’s Alex Gradet and Joe Tower) will go see a movie, then go out to brunch afterward, and talk about it. Their conversations will be discursive, meandering rambles that we’ll then edit down to a tight 30-minutes of your time. (This one’s 45, but it’s a pilot — we’ve got some setting up to do).

The good folks at GOD HATES GEEKS are being kind enough to host our episodes, and so for your ear-pleasure, here’s us talking over coffee and eggs about CHAPPIE (and Robocop. And Star Wars. And Robocop again. And Superman. And mostly Robocop.)

We hope you enjoy, and we’ll be back next month with more coffee, more eggs (or could be waffles or something) and more talking.

Enjoy your brunch!

Prefer chunky monkey pancakes? Texas french toast? Hugh Jackman liking robots as opposed to HATING them? Follow our new Twitter account, and give us a holla @WildBrunchPod.

Or, get real personal, and slander-chirp us over @gradet and @whateverjoe. Crunch!

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