GHG VIDEO GAME POWER RANKINGS [October]: The Chief Awakens.

Taking a note from sports publications such as CBS and ESPN, we’ve got this little new feature at GodHatesGeeks called the Power Rankings. What this means is that our nerd-clergy will rank the very best of 4 mediums of this year’s popular geek culture, including movies, TV shows, video games, and comics (both Big 2 & Indy) that are unreleased for 2015, as well. Rankings are based on the following: hype/expectation, reviews/criticism, and sales/buzz.

How this list was compiled: 1.) All of our 2015 video game reviews, 2.) Our most anticipated games left, 3.) We factored in the website’s general opinion, 4.) We asked ourselves: is the hype of “Game A” bigger than the overall reception of “Game B”?, 5.) We also considered games that still have replay value, and have a better chance of being purchased this holiday.

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Top 25 Video Games of 2015 for the month of OCTOBER

1.) Fallout 4

No surprise here. This might be the most anticipated video game of all time. The now-famed “Pipboy Edition” immediately sold out the night the game was announced (at this past June’s first ever Bethesda press conference), and geeks (including yours truly) are going bananas over merchandise–without ever having played the series before. Hey, the game is set in Boston! Seriously, though, how many times have you heard the following: “Not buying shit till Fallout 4“; “(So and so) is only GOTY till FO4 comes out”; and “I never ordered a special collector’s edition before, but…” Yup. There hasn’t been a bad thing said about this game yet. Even when some critics weren’t wowed by the initial footage’s visuals, optimism lays true in every other aspect of the game. It’s your award to lose, Bethesda. (Trending N/A; Last Month N/A)Travis Moody

2.) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


MGSV: TPP is the crowning achievement of Hideo Kojima’s career that has sadly come to an end with Konami. The choices and options the player is given allows a variety of gameplay, including the always intriguing Metal Gear mix of silly and serious. Gameplay is still tight and the sneaking mechanics are still some of the best in the business. Yet while the credits before and after missions are annoying — because it breaks the cohesion of the storytelling — each mission feels important to the story or to Mother Base. With Metal Gear Online now available, there is enough content to leave MGSV spinning in your disc tray: A must play for any fan of the series. – Spencer Fawcett and Michelle Kisner


3.) The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt


If a video game were a piece of fine art, this game would be the mothafreakin’ Mona Lisa. Everything in this massive, mystical world is highly detailed and textured and the story blends together like an orgasmic fruity cocktail; climate change, day/night cycle and sheer beauty of The Wild Hunt will have you in awe. While many will choose to follow the main story, the multitude of side quests provide an intense and wonderful added experience; not to mention DLC that is as fantastic as the rest of the game. Regardless of what you already know of Geralt of Rivia, the best story will be the one you create for yourself based on how you interact with the world around you. All the familiar game mechanics that have defined multiple-ending RPG’s are noticeably absent; you don’t get certain powers just because you’ve become a monster-hunting Sith Lord. – Mark Majndle, Patrick Obloy and Myke Ladiona

4.) Halo 5: Guardians


The battle in video games is no longer between the PS4 and Xbox One. Oh, no, no. The current war is between two gigantic sci-fi franchises: Star Wars and Halo. Sure, there’s no doubt that the multi-console Battlefront will outsell Halo 5 (I mean.. it’s Star Wars, bro!). But if you were to ask anybody in terms of quality which game they would rather play a month ago, Battlefront would have rolled off 90% of tongues faster than any lightsaber. However! After BF‘s enjoyable, yet problematic beta, and the good, early buzz on Halo 5: Guardians‘ campaign, General Locke and Master Chief may have the sleight hand (pun intended) over Luke and his Father. Sure, we’ll still have to wait a few days before the buzz on MP and H5G‘s hotly frenatic War Zone mode, but it’s widely apparent that 343 Industries is aiming past all its cynics to possible GOTY contention. We’re only one week away from knowing that. – Travis Moody

5.) Star Wars Battlefront


Battlefront delivers on its promise of being a ridiculously fun, authentic Star Wars experience. Whether defending the pod or waging war in the epic battleground of Hoth, beta players were able to fly X-Wings and TIE Fighters and confront Vader and Skywalker, all the while blasting each other (Rebel or Imperial) into oblivion. DICE also maximizes the IP’s sound authenticity, from roaring air strikes to booming AT-AT footsteps. Fun aside, there are issues needing correction before the final release. The inability to start your own game with your own party, or switch team sides to join friends was a bit shocking. But since most blasters offered devastating range and power, everyone is forced to play smart and use cover tactically. Front lines are also usually being formed giving players organic, non-cheap flanking opportunities. All of this bodes well for the game’s release. – Dana Keels, Spencer Fawcett and Myke Ladiona

6.) Bloodborne “It has all the difficulty and dark tone of Dark Souls meets the hack-and-slash of Devil May Cry.” – Kenny Sanders

7.) NBA 2K16  “The game’s only fouls are in its biggest innovations and none of them are flagrant.” – Myke Ladiona

8.) Call of Duty: Black Ops III “Bravo, Treyarch – you made a believer out of me again.” – Danny Witt

9.) Destiny: The Taken KingThe Taken King is a success on many fronts, showing players that, yes, Bungie does listen to its audience.” – Danny Witt

10.) Just Cause 3JC3 looks like the game adaptation of The Expendables with its cinematically-epic explosions, a warlords worth of weaponry, and the most useful grappling hook and wing suit the world has ever seen.” – Esko Robinson

11.) Rise of the Tomb Raider “My fears are calmed; the team at Crystal Dynamics seems to have the extra budget to create a better, more well-rounded game.” – Stephanie Panisello

12.) Forza Motorsport 6 “Despite a few minor chinks on its ultra shiny polish, Forza 6 is still above and beyond every other racing sim on the market.” – Travis Moody

13.) Mad Max “Whether you decide to pay full price now or wait until it drops in a year, put Mad Max on your list of games to play.” – Patrick Obloy

14.) WWE 2K16 “We can only pray to the wrestling gods — no, not you JBL — that WWE 2K16 delivers much in similar fashion to the NBA 2K franchise.” – Kenny Sanders

15.) Batman: Arkham Knight “Since Arkham Knight is the ending of this Batman game, Rocksteady is giving you the full bang.” – Richard Zom

16.) Mortal Kombat X “A solid, good game!” – Spencer Fawcett

17.) Dying LightDying Light is a roller coaster of fast-paced action and slow, steady, terrifying suspense.” – Esko Robinson

18.) FIFA 16 “There’s far more grit between the turf than any other previous FIFA, with more physical midfield exchanges, gaps covered, and passes deflected and intercepted.” – Travis Moody

19.) Until Dawn “The script, acting, and visuals come together to provide a fully addicting, fascinating game that can be played over and over for different results.” – Sarah Obloy

20.) Rainbow Six Siege “If you can find a team that communicates, Siege may have a chance of NOT feeling like every other online military shooter on the market.” – Myke Ladiona

21.) Madden NFL 16 “Holy Gronk at an after party with a bunch of rowdy BU sorority girls, the gameplay this year has taken a huge step up.” – Guy Copes

22.) Gears of War: Ultimate Edition “For $40, you’re getting an absolutely gorgeous version of one of the best games of all time.” – Travis Moody

23.) Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate “Evie’s chameleon powers and sneaky maneuvers are an interesting change, and could make many jump back into a franchise they sworn off.” – Sarah Obloy

24.) Everybody’s Gone To Rapture “The world is immersive, awe-inspiring and haunting all at the same time and the graphics are some of the best this console generation has seen yet.” – Myke Ladiona

25.) Need For Speed “The new Fast & Furious-inspired “street icon” story package rides the franchise of any generic narratives and characters–with some real dudes.” – Travis Moody

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