GHG’s BEST IN SHOW [E3 2017]: Imaginary Players.

With #E32017 slowly creeping behind us, it’s time to see how that original Top 33 Buzzworthy Games shaped up with actual our sweaty palms on the control pads. Or not.

Esko, Moody, Amanda.

Yeah, this list is a “best of” compilation of games we had time with hands-on, games revealed at publisher press briefings, or games missed because of the horrific amount of new consumers on the showroom floor. Shit happens. Either way, we had a great time bringing you E3 coverage and hope you enjoyed it too.


(To read about the games we played down below in more detail, just CLICK ON the title to link to our snazzy coverage)

Yes = we count EA Play as part of E3


14. Days Gone

13. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

12. Shadow of the Colossus

11. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

10. Detroit: Become Human

9. Metro Exodus

8. A Way Out

7. Sea of Thieves

6. The Evil Within 2

5. God of War

4. Anthem

3. Spider-Man

2. Beyond Good and Evil 2


1. Super Mario Odyssey


19. Crackdown 3 “The graphic novel-inspired aesthetics are still there, the gameplay is quick to learn and just as familiar as you remembered 10-years ago.” – Travis Moody (3.25/5 Bibles)

18. Project Cars 2 “The game’s visuals and physics were beyond impressive, despite some tough gamepad handling.” – Moody (3.5/5 Bibles)

17. Skull & Bones “Playing the two matches offered a enjoyable mini-rush ala For Honor, but I’m worried the game will lack any type of depth beyond that.”– Moody (3.5/5 Bibles)

16. Agents of Mayhem “Its graphic novel art style is prettier than Crackdown 3, NPC’s have more life to them, and vehicles feel like they have more purpose.” – Moody (3.5/5 Bibles)

15. [TIE] Madden NFL 18 /// FIFA 18 (3.5/5 Bibles)

14. South Park: The Fractured But Whole “This may be a South Park game, but the challenge should give you a rush, with plenty of chuckles and signature ‘SMH’ moments.” – Moody (3.5/5 Bibles)

13. State of Decay 2 “If the overall arc proves as compelling as the stories you come up with on your own, action/rpg fans should have no worries feeling too zombie’d the fuck out with this title.” – Moody (3.75/5 Bibles)

12. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom “So far, NNK2‘s best traits are a unique and fresh character design, sweepingly vast arenas, land/water/aircrafts, monsters and.. revenant kingdoms.” – Moody (3.75/5 Bibles)

11. Need For Speed: Payback “Could make for a nice alternative to the hardcore racing game scene this fall.” – Moody (3.75/5 Bibles)

10. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle “A gorgeous little game that incorporates an engaging combat system, and leaves me wanting more.” /// Life is Strange “A story rich with teenage drama, and emotionally gut-wrenching instances, this prequel will charm the hell out of you.” – Amanda Russell (3.75/5 Bibles)

9. Far Cry 5 “Regardless of the traditional formula, we’re going to enjoy the fuck out of this Preacher-meets-True Detective style romp.” – Moody (4/5 Bibles)

8. Call of Duty: WWII “Sledgehammer’s graphics have been upgraded to amazing levels, and their audio will immerse you in every battle.” – Esko Robinson (4/5 Bibles)

7. Forza Motorsport 7 “My fav among the floor demo’s 3 races was taking a Porsche through the misty sand-blowing tracks of Dubai. The climbs felt like an unfrustrating challenge, and the weather had a superb effect on both handle and grip.” – Moody (4/5 Bibles)

6. Assassin’s Creed Origins “Feels both familiar and fresh; keeping the core aspects of gameplay, whilst introducing new ideas.” – Amanda (4.25/5 Bibles)

5. Dragon Ball FighterZ “With anime graphics so dreamy you’d think you were watching a Netflix series instead of playing a game, DBFZ’s 3v3 gameplay moves at the speed of light.” – Moody (4.25/5 Bibles)

4. Destiny 2 “The new Dawnblade flame-scorching sword thing.. is just too awesome for words.” – Moody (4.25/5 Bibles)

3. Star Wars Battlefront II “Feels like the Battlefront game we were promised to begin with.” – Amanda (4.5/5 Bibles)

2. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus “My twenty bucks [to cut the line] was worth it.” – Moody (4.5/5 Bibles)


1. Middle-earth: Shadow of War “With new antagonist personalities, it feels like everything you do in Shadow of War is reactionary and purposeful.” – Moody (4.75/5 Bibles)

***GHG’s “BEST PUBLISHER” at E3 2017***

UBISOFT (5 Games in the two Top 15’s; Best New Reveal; Best Booth)

Honorable mentions:

NINTENDO (#1 Overall Game; Best Press Conference; Great Booth)

ELECTRONIC ARTS (6 Games in the two Top 15’s; EA PLAY; Nas)

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