GHG’s TOP & MOST ANTICIPATED VIDEO GAMES of 2015/2016 [Podcast]: Welcome Home.

You read the Best Video Games of 2015 lists, now find out WHY we put them there.

It’s your favorite gamer parishioners, good geeks of the church, with your host “Monsignor” Travis Moody (who’s a total homer); “Dynast” Dana Keels (who still plays Nintendo?); “Sister” Sarah (whose list is quite “horror-fic”) and her nerd-hubby “Saint” Patrick Obloy (who.. just knows it all); and our “Brother” Myke Ladiona (who serves as sound engineer supreme, too!).

Hear us crack on games that sucked, were heavily disappointing, or — quite frankly — just will never fucking come out. Listen to us diss a fellow gaming journalist who hated everything…while we explain why we loved almost every big title in 2015 and forecast a year that is sure to take even more money.

Got an issue with our choices? Did we miss a game for 2016? Then let us know on the Twit-twit @GodHatesGeeks, fooooooooooosss!!!


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