GOD EATER 3 [Nintendo Switch Review]: モンスターハンター!

Ronny “The Baptist” Lecuyer

God Eater 3 is not just another Monster Hunter clone. It feels more akin to Dauntless with its short missions and long-time limits. Players select a weapon of their choice and go off to hunt the Aragami, which are beasts that range in size from small to massive. The goal of these monsters is the total destruction of civilization. With that, the plot is interesting enough to keep players enthralled during the expected grind…

Players take on the role of God Eaters, individuals bestowed with the power to wield new God Arcs. God Arcs are special weapons powered by Oracle Cells and the only known means of destroying the Aragami. By hunting down the biggest of these monsters, players can craft the best weapons in the game. The crafting process is much more simplified than it’s competitors.

Graphics on the Switch are toned down a bit when compared to the game running on PC or PS4. The games shines when you have many players on screen at the same time. Other current gen consoles get a bit sluggish when tasked to accomplish such a feat. The Switch version’s frame rate and fluidity is flawless. A bit of quality has been sacrificed for performance, but this is to be expected when considering the hardware limitations of the Switch. This trade off is a small price to pay in order to keep combat fast.

What in BlazBlue is this??

I split my playtime between having it docked, using a pro controller and undocked using the default Joy Cons. Both methods worked well. As expected, the pro controller allowed for more comfortable playing and easier button combinations. Playing the game undocked, the controls felt fine, and one could easily take the game on the go and play with ease.

God Eater 3 treats multiplayer exceptionally well and is ideally played with friends. The entire story campaign can be completed with friends sharing in the experience of taking down massive enemies and reaping the spoils after. Unfortunately, if you join another player who is not as far along in the story, it forces everyone to play at the earliest level— power-leveling someone through the campaign. This makes keeping up with friends frustrating. As a gamer today, it’s hard to get people to play together all the time or make someone wait to play the game until the group is on.

Human Eaten.

Despite some minor annoyances God Eater 3 is a great game. The small nuances set is apart from similar titles. Still making players grind for the best crafting materials is forgiven when the overall systems are easy to use. If you’re a fan of Monster Hunter, you’ll want to give this a try. In my experience, the ease of use, and interesting mythology behind the story, is what keeps me playing hour after hour. 4/5 Half Eaten Bibles.

-Ronny Lecuyer

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